Mar 162011

9 kyungsung vintage store frontPNU may be king when it comes second-hand/vintage clothes, but Kyungsung has at least one good offering, “9.” Is “9″ its address? No one knows. Their website is slick, though. A little too slick…

They have a good selection of men’s coats and track jackets, as well as vintage leather bags. They have shoes as well, but I’m personally against buying used shoes (unless they’re bowling shoes, of course). There’s a decent women’s selection as well – skirts, dresses, bags, the works. You’ll be able to find some pretty well-known designers.

My one complaint is that the prices are a tad high. I tried to negotiate the purchase of a jacket, and the guy didn’t budge. There are no price tags on anything, and the employee (owner?) seemingly pulled a random number out of thin air (“uh… 67,000″), but the jacket was just too gosh-darn cool to pass up. Heads up on sizes: lots of the stuff is from Japan – so “large” in Japanese is actually “small” in American. Just a warning. The guy that works there most of the time isn’t exactly welcoming, but at least he doesn’t shadow you around the place the whole time you’re there.

Added bonus: There’s a great Japanese Noodle guy in a truck parked outside. So get yourself a sweet jacket and then go outside for some street noodles (cause, you know, that’ll be all you can afford! bwaaahhaha!)

Overall experience: 3/5
Selection: 4/5
Price: $$$$/5 (however, there IS a nice sale rack sometimes!)

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