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aiola italian restaurant front, kyungsungThis Italian restaurant in Kyungsung is great – but it becomes FANTASTIC in the warmer months when you can sit on one of the patio decks on the first or 2nd floors. We’ve mentioned it on here a lot that it’s hard to find true patio seating in Korea, but this has one of the biggest patios around.

Food-wise, the menu is divided up into sauces: cream sauce, tomato sauce, meat sauce or risotto. The majority of the pasta dishes (70%?) are made with spaghetti noodles, but there are some dishes made with fettuccine and penne. No pappardelle, though, which is too bad, since I’m a big fan. There is also no lasagna, which I thought was a staple at Italian restaurants. Still, you definitely won’t be disappointed with what you order! I’ve been there five or six times now, and have never experienced overcooked pasta (which I have experienced at other Italian places in Korea).

Aiola interior - tree where you can make your own doileyPrices range from 10-12,500 for pasta dishes. Bottles of wine are expensive, but you can get house wine for 3,500 a glass. Be prepared to wait a bit if you order wine… I have suspicions that they’re always running out to buy it as we wait.

aiola food - shrimp spaghetti and crab cream spaghettiWhile it’s a bit farther away from most of the popular Kyungsung bars, Aiola is worth walking the extra 100 meters (come on… you can do it!) for some good food and great atmosphere, especially if you utilize their patio.

Directions: Kyungsung Exit 5. Walk a few blocks and turn left after the GS gas station. Go one block down, turn right, and go about halfway down the street. Aiola will be on the right.

Patio of Aiola Italian Restaurant, Kyungsung, Busan

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  1. Hi. I was wondering if you have any contact details for Aiola? I see that this was written in 2011 and I want to call to check if they are indeed still open…and also to see if they will take a booking for Sunday afternoon. Thanx.

    • I don’t think they take reservations. I don’t think you’d need to make one anyway.
      As for contact info, unfortunately I don’t have any, although I do know that as of February 2013 they were open at least. If restaurants survive more than a couple of years, there’s a good chance that they’re still around.

      • I was there the other week with friends. It turns out they will take a reservation if its a large group, and the food is still amazingly delicious!

  2. its not there anymore! 🙁

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