Mar 162011

nice seating at ayuta indian pub, kyungsungIf you need a chill place to get a nice dinner or to relax before heavy boozing, then Ayuta is your best bet. Theatmosphere is unrivaled in all of the Kyungdae area. About eight little “grottos” are set up around the sizable place. Relaxing music plays (with the occasional wonderful, but misplaced, Daft Punk song) as you come in and sit down on floor pillows. You have relative privacy as many of the grottos are divided by walls or sheer curtains.

The owner and his staff are incredibly friendly. The menu (masala curry, biryani rice based offerings) isn’t huge, but what they do have is delicious. Its atmosphere and the fact that it’s an “Indian Pub” make it special. Imported beer, cocktails and sangria are on offer, and you can also get a hookah. DEFINITELY worth checking out.

the food at ayuta indian restaurant in kyungsungDirections: Kyungsung subway exit 3. Go south (towards Pukyeong Nat’l University) for 3 blocks and turn left. It’s above Fabric on the 3rd floor.

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  1. This place is awful and a health hazard. Why? #1: The Food is awful, it’s cold and cooked from powdered mix with warm water #2:The Service is slow, ill-mannered and sloppy.
    My friend went there with his girlfriend for an afternoon tea and he began convulsing after drinking a lassi. He made his way from the subway to the emergency room. The doctor later told him cleaning product were found in his stomach contents.

    • Sorry about your friend, but I have to disagree with you on all counts. I’ve been there over ten times, and have had nothing but great service. You also seem to be exaggerating about the food. It’s hardly gourmet, but it’s hardly as bad as you’re suggesting. It’s a cool place to hang out, relax, and drink, and I’ve enjoyed it every time I’ve been there.

  2. The hookah here is pretty good for a small set, and lasts a lot longer than 30 minutes, which is what it says on the menu. I think our bowl wasn’t done when we left after smoking for hour and fifteen minutes or so. They mix flavors for you too AND the onwer was really sweet :). When customers left, he walked them out and told them to have a good night. It doesn’t sound like much, but I’ve found that in Korea, it is rare to find servers or restuaruant oweners who actually make an effort to be amicable. They don’t serve food anymore, but their chai tea is pretty good. I loved the atmosphere and the people working there. Service wasn’t fast as lightening, but then again, it wasn’t terribly slow either.

  3. Is this pub still opened or closed.

  4. Ayuta Indian Pub shut down.

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