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Bombay Indian Restaurant, Nampo dong, Busan, South KoreaGood Indian food seems to be becoming more and more common here in Busan.  Less than nine months after reading about how difficult it was to find decent Indian food here, there are at least three good options.  The most recent one I’ve tried is Bombay Indian restaurant in Nampo-dong.

The owner and cook is a really friendly guy who speaks perfect English.  He explained that they serve western Indian food, which shares a lot of elements with Pakistani and Afghan foods.  The menu lacked some of my personal favorite Indian dishes, but there were also a lot of things I’d never heard of and would like to try.

Bombay Indian Restaurant, Nampo dong, Busan, South KoreaSampling everything will be easy because Bombay  is really inexpensive.  Most dishes are 6,500 won (plus 1,500 – 2,500 for nan or rice).  The portions aren’t huge, but they were enough to satisfy me on a very hungry day.  The atmosphere is pretty simple and laid back, definitely very comfortable. **UPDATE (5/2012): Prices have apparently increased, to 9,000~12,000 for main dishes)**

The debate has begun about whether Bombay is better than Namaste.  I still put Namaste at number one, because they have a more extensive menu that includes more of my favorites.  However, Bombay is about half the price, and there are plenty of new menu items to try.  I guess I’ll need to go back a few more time before I can truly decide.  Still, after a long day of shopping in Nampo, Bombay Indian Restaurant is an excellent option.

Bombay Indian Restaurant, Nampo dong, South Korea

Bombay Indian Restaurant, Nampo dong, Busan, South Korea









Directions: From PIFF Square walk straight two block until you reach the shopping street. Turn right and walk until you reach the intersection with the Apple store and ABC mart. Turn left. Walk past “The Pan” and “The Pho.” Go a few blocks. You’ll see a large Caffe Bene on the left. Turn left here. Go down the street for a block and a half. Bombay is on your left.

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  1. So I followed your directions to here, and didn’t manage to find it. The part I got confused is after Cafe Bene. The street seems to end after half a block, and you say to keep walking after a block and a half. Couldn’t see the restaurant anywhere near Cafe Bene. Is Bombay on the same street as Cafe Bene? Or around the corner?

    • Sorry about the confusion, Chelsea. I haven’t been there in a while, but I believe the directions should read to turn left at Caffe Bene, then walk a block and half. It can still be difficult to find since it’s on the second floor, but it should be along that street. Again, sorry for the confusion, good luck finding it!

  2. Recently we went to Bombay restaurant in Busan. The restaurant is really awesome in sense of food, services and ambiance. The owner of the restaurant is a good chef himself and has good experience of Indian taste since he has spend many years in India. Food preparation was hygenic and most important the rate is decent as compared to other restaurants in Busan like Ganga,Namaste.Overall, It was a pleasant experience for us to have Indian dinner in a city,where you can hardly find a good Indian restaurant.

  3. I recently visited Bombay with some friends (May 2012). The food, decor and service was excellent and definitely worth checking out. We even chatted a bit with the chef, who lived in Boston for a while and speaks English very well. I just wanted to mention that the prices have gone up a bit. The entrees were between 9-12,000 won.

  4. This place really is awesome, some great food and the chef is truly passionate about what he does. The directions above will get you there but if you get stuck you can call the place on 0512422555

  5. any contact no of Bomabay restaurant…is it different from Bombay spices at Sasang-gu…I do not know much abt Busan as I’m from Seoul region…

    • by the way…if I catch a cab from Nampo or Jagalchi subway…what to say to driver in korean…
      Thanks in advance.

      • You’re definitely better off walking, using the map on this page! I’m not sure what you’d say for this particular place with my limited Korean skills… there aren’t any landmarks to direct them to. It’s not that bad of a walk, and what’s more, you get to walk through some really cool street markets.

    • It’s a different restaurant. Unfortunately no, I don’t have any contact info.

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