Mar 162011

busan tower and yongdusan parkYongdusan Park is possibly the most accessible park in Busan, in terms of proximity to the city. Go shopping in Nampo, and hop on the escalator (see the picture of the entrance), and it’ll whisk you up to Yongdusan Park. The first thing you’ll see is Busan Tower, towering (ha!) over Busan at 120 meters, sitting on top of the hill. You’ll also see a flower clock and a famous bell that they ring on New Years’ Day.

The best part of the park is a quasi-amphitheater with large stone steps that make a great place for a picnic, or a great place to watch the live entertainment (there often is). Of course, some would argue that the tower is the best part, with views of the port and surrounding older part of the city.

Directions: Mid-way down the main shopping street in Nampo, there’s a gateway (see picture) with an escalator and stairs going up to the park and tower.

entrance to yongdusan park, from nampodong shopping streettraditional singers at yongdusan parkview of busan bay and nampo from busan tower

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