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front of cordelia's coffee cafe jangsan, haeundaeJangsan is a great section of Busan in which to live. Walk fifteen minutes one way and you’re at Haeundae beach. Fifteen minutes the other way, and you’re at the foot of Jangsan mountain. All the conveniences you need are within a few blocks. Still it lacks some of the independent character that makes other parts of Busan great.

Point in case here, is coffee shops. Jangsan has them. More of them than could possibly stay in business. If you walk along the subway street you’ll pass at least a eight of them. All chains. There’s a Tom’n’Tom’s, there’s a Starbucks, there’s a Cafe Benne, there’s an Angel-in-us, I think the Coffee Maru closed, but I’m sure there’s another one nearby. What I felt lacking, until recently, was a nice independent place with some atmosphere.

I don’t think Cordelia Coffee Roastary is a chain. It certainly doesn’t have that feel. Allthe patio of cordelia's cafe in jangsan menu items are written on a chalkboard, in Korean. What it does have is some atmosphere. And a really nice patio area. The sign says the second floor is open for beer, cocktails, and food during the evenings. There’s another second floor bar patio that I look forward to taking advantage of when it gets a little bit warmer.

The inside is spacious and nice. There’s plenty of room for a larger group to meet, assuming it doesn’t get super busy. Various knick knacks and race car pictures cover the walls. I’m not sure if they actually roast coffee, I didn’t see equipment, so I somehow doubt it. Still the Americano was good, for the standard Korean price. Most drinks are around 4,000 won.

So if you’re around Jangsan or Haeundae and looking to change things up a little bit and study or read somewhere with some character try this place out. I’m seriously excited for the patio area.

Directions: Jangsan exit 10. Go straight through the big intersection about 50 meters. It’s on your right.

interior of cordelia's cafe, jangsan

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