Mar 222011

eighty eight in miami (88) front sign, haeundaeIt was two years ago and I was visiting Busan for the first time along with my then girlfriend (now, fiance) and another friend. We had visited Nampo-dong and Seomyeon and we made our way to our hotel in Haeundae. We had asked our yoga instructors who are from Busan where we should eat while there, and they raved, strangely, about Bennigans. Weird. Asked a co-worker who had just been to Busan and he said the same thing. So of course, we did end up eating there, but it was underwhelming and overpriced.

We got some Family Mart beers and went to the beach to drink for an hour or so. I remember how awesome I thought it was, drinking there on the beach. I told my girlfriend that if we ever moved back to Korea, we’d have to live in Busan – not knowing that it would actually happen a couple years later. We decided to go to a couple bars. We started wandering around the back streets where our motel was located, and we ended up finding the Eighty Eight in Miami. It had a disco-style light-up floor and some darts. They were also playing some decent music, which was a welcome departure from the K-pop-only bars that we had in our town up north in Gyeonggi-do. After a few more drinks, some girls started playing darts. We tried to get our friend to go hit on them. We were successful in convincing him to do so; however, he was not. Soon after, a couple guys came over to ‘protect’ their women by staring us down. Whatever, we were drunk and Eminem and Nate Dogg’s song, Shake That started playing, which I’m slightly embarrassed to say, is one of my favorite hip-hop songs ever.

inside of the eighty eight (88) in miami bar, haeundaeFlash forward two years. It’s my fiance, me and a different friend out in Haeundae. It’s one of the first warm-enough days of the year. We go to Haeundae, drink on the beach, shoot some roman candles (10,000 for 5), and decide to go to a bar. We start walking – Eighty Eight in Miami is there, but this time, it’s the other location. We go in, have a gooey and delicious pizza (see menu), and tell our other friend how we went to this same chain two years ago and we never thought we’d be back. But here we are, loving it.

Cass on draft for 2,900 (cheapest in Busan!!!); Good burger selection 10k; Chicken Caesar Salad 16k; Swiss Cheese Fondue 14k; Sausage Combo 16k; Miami Pizza (delicious!) 12k; Burrito 12k. Other food available. These are just the highlights.

Two locations. Directions to first: Haeundae exit 3. Walk down to the busy street that goes along the beach. Turn left. There will be big hotels in a row. The third should be Pale de CZ. You’ll see Eighty Eight in Miami right on the street. Patio is open in warm months. Directions to second: Haeundae exit 5. Go down five blocks and turn right (you’ll see Wolfhounds and further down is Namaste Indian Restaurant). On that street, you should see the other Eighty Eight in Miami. Both locations are on the first floor.

location 1:

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location 2:

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