Mar 242011

norae bang located in basement across from ssaeng tong in kyungsungI love to sing, and I really hate to say this since I live here and I love it here, but Seoul has better English norrae-bang song selection than Busan. I have found the song selection in most norrae-bangs (aka norae yeonseupjang) here to be pretty crappy, albeit with the occasional surprise. In every other way (looks, price, etc), the noraebangs here in Busan are comparable to any others I’ve seen.

HOWEVER, THAT’S ALL CHANGED NOW. After five months of inebriated singing, we stumbled into a basement norrae-bang in Kyungsung called Energy Core, expecting it to be the usual creepy dark hallway with rooms coming off of it. Instead, the stairwell opened up into a 2-floor, sparkly singer haven. Immediately, I felt like I had accidentally walked past the bouncer of a classy A-list club. I wanted to turn around, but my fiance urged me to just ask the guy how much it cost.

energy core - good norae bang in kyungsung The guy said “13,000.” I couldn’t believe it. I mimed “13 PER PERSON?” “No, just 13 for an hour.” Ridiculously cheap. Of course we got a room. It was a nice one too – brand new couches (no duct tape! no cigarette burns!) with the normal 3 TVs. Awesome. We had lucked out.

And then I saw the song selection. Another freak-out: huge selection of English songs. Twice as big as others I’ve seen here. They even had Boney M’s Rasputin, which we played four times in two hours. (If you haven’t heard it, I recommend finding the original video on YouTube. It’ll change your life.)

So if you’re out drinking in Kyungsung, or if you live in the area and just need to sing a couple songs before work, check out Energy Core noraebang!

Directions: Kyungsung subway exit 5. Go straight out one block, and turn left at the Outback. Walk down 2 blocks and turn right. The entrance is across from the Ssaeng Tong. Just so you know, you’ll probably have to sneak in beer, as you should with any noraebang.

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