Mar 162011

farmers burgers front, nampo-dongI often think of my life as a never-ending quest for good burgers. While that may be a little sad, I do feel completely at peace when I find a place that sells good hamburgers. And Farmer’s burgers is one of those places.

With two similar-yet-different locations in Nampo-dong, this is a fantastic place to stop in for lunch. They keep it simple – 8 different burgers, all served with fries and a soda. Don’t be alarmed when you only get 10 fries. Apparently, that’s normal.

farmers burger menu - all include drinks and friesThe burgers themselves use interesting ingredients, from pineapple (on the Honolulu burger) to chili chicken (on the Cancun burger). The buns are extremely soft and taste kind of sweet… and it could be just me, but all the burgers have a little bit ‘sweeter’ taste to them. Which is actually pretty damn good.
Prices: 10,000 or 11,000, depending on the burger. Price includes fries and a drink.

Directions to location 1: from PIFF square, walk north 1 block; turn right on Gwangbok-ro (the big shopping street) and you’ll find it on the left. 
Directions to location 2: walk up the street from the ABC Mart; walk about 100 meters and turn right. You’ll be able to see Busan Tower directly above you.
View BUSAN! AWESOME! in a larger map

View BUSAN! AWESOME! in a larger map

  4 Responses to “Farmer’s Original Handmade Hamburger”

  1. Any difference between these two?

  2. That map is either inaccurate or outdated. Think you can provide close photos of business cards in the future? I’m a foreigner who learned enough Hangul and Naver map to find stuff accurately. Addresses would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for the review!

    For those who are also interested, the address is here: 광복중앙로 24번길

    • The real issue is that the first map is very off. The second map is closer to the actual location. The outside facade of the building is red as opposed to white as shown above.

      Good luck to those who attempt to find it. Skip the New York burger unless you prefer a cream cheese sauce that’s a bit salty.

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