Mar 162011

*update: Gelateria is now serving bottled beer. Nice!

I recently made a trip to the Busan immigration office (fun!!!) and was going back to Daeyeon-dong to kill some time before work. It was one of those classic dilemmas: do I go all the way home to spend 30 minutes there, or should I hang out in a cafe for an hour? I had had such a special time at the immigration office, so I decided to decompress at Gelateria.

interior of gelateria cafe, kyungsung pukyong universitiesGelateria is a great coffee shop on the western end of Kyungsung-dae. It has relatively cheap coffee (Americano 2800, Cappuccino 3000), AND you can get GELATO! (single scoop 3800, double 5800) I know, right?! Of course, there’s free wi-fi. It’s not password protected, so I guess you could sit outside on the curb and use it if you’re short on cash. The menu on the wall is only in hangul, so you need to be able to read it. jk, if you ask, they’ll give you an English menu.

The only downside is that there’s not much food on offer, besides about 2 oranges and 20 kiwis. TIP: look lonely and they’ll bring you a couple slices of orange. SERBISSSuu!

Directions: Kyungsung subway exit 5. Walk straight out the exit, go 2 or 3 blocks and turn left after the gas station. It should be one block down on the corner. Ground floor.

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