Mar 162011

long island iced tea exterior kyungsungThe bar is named after the famous drink from Long Island. And yes, I Wikipedia-ed that fact just to be sure (in the mid 1970s at that… I really expected it to be older). Anyway, YES they have Long Island Iced Teas here, and YES, they’re cheap! 5,000 won will get you a decent sized glass.

I know what you’re thinking: “But Dave, surely it must be watered down!” But nay, you can actually taste the booze in there (which is a good thing, since the recipe is basically all booze). Further proof: we went in for a single drink, but ended up leaving 5 hours later. They have other drinks too, of course – and a pretty extensive drink list at that. You can get everything for dirt cheap. One in our group paid 6,000 for a Pina Colada (there’s no fruit on the lip of the glass, though, if you’re that kind of person).

purple filter kyungsung's long island iced tea barAs far as entertainment goes, the music is good (they had a DJ on Saturday night) and there’s a pool table as well as three dart boards. They even played my favorite tune: Shake That by Eminem and Nate Dogg.

Directions: Subway exit 1, take your first right and go one block down. Bar is on the right-hand side. See the map for the exact location.

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