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Muju ski resort, Busan, South Korea

MUJU (now apparently also called Deogyusan??)  is Korea’s biggest (maybe), best (probably) and most publicized (definitely.) ski resort that makes for a great weekend away. It was a little confusing getting everything booked and together, so hopefully this will be a one-stop shop (or rather… resource) for information on getting there.

muju ski resort complex and liftsGETTING THERE:
Call +82-051-806-8811 and tell the lady “ski bus” and the date, and they should help you. Every time I called, I got operators with limited English, so be prepared to spell your name about six times. It will cost you 45,000 won for a round trip ticket.The big orange-colored bus leaves from Seomyeon (metro exit 3 or 5) at 5:30AM (!!), but they’re nice buses and they stop at a rest stop about halfway through the ride. It takes about 3 to 3.5 hours total to get to Muju, depending on traffic. The buses then leave Muju Resort at 4pm, so it IS POSSIBLE to just go for a day trip.

Once you’re there, there’s a free shuttle bus connecting everything in the resort together. These run fairly frequently.

The resort has three hotels. The first (Tirol) is oppressively expensive, but it’s right on the slope, and looks genuinely Swiss. Then there’s the “Family Hotel” which are actually a collection of about eleven hotels. The rooms are medium-range price-wise. The cheap way is the Kookmin Hotel. It’s hostel-esque, and there are lots of six-person rooms (Korean style = sleep on the floor) with a shared kitchen. We paid 162,000 per night for a six-person room. Not too bad. *You get a discount on your lift ticket and rental, though, if you stay at the resort!

If you don’t want to stay at the hotels at the resort,it’s possible to stay in the little “village” down the road (you’ll pass it on the bus as you approach Muju – about 40 ski shops and motels). You’ll have to take a taxi, though, and I don’t think there’s much going on in that little town.

Of course, you can spend the night in the jjimjil bang there as well. It’ll cost you 20,000 ish to stay the night (not entirely sure about the price).

It would behoove you to book in advance. To do this, you can call +82-63-320-7830. The first time I called, the operator didn’t speak much English (again, the name spelling thing). The second time I called, the operator’s English was great. They’ll send you a confirmation by text or by email if you prefer.

muju ski resort lift to the topSKIING
Like I said before, if you stay at the resort, you get a nice discount on your lift ticket and equipment rental (You can also rent coats and snow pants if you need to). You also get a nice discount if you pay with your KB or Shinhan card (which of course I didn’t have). There’s also a Gondola that you can ride to the very top of the peak. You don’t have to be on skis to do this.

There is morning skiing (9-12:30), afternoon skiing (12:30-4:30), and evening skiing (6:30-10). I think there’s also early morning and late night skiing as well, but maybe that’s only available on weekends? All the info for pricing and a map of the runs is on the website (see below).

There are lockers there (1,000 won), as well as bigger ones for large backpacks. If you can’t get a big locker, the people at the equipment rental will hold onto it for you. The lockers only take 500 won coins. You can change your money at the coats/snow pants counter.

If skiing’s not your thing, you can always drink beer on the benches outside and watch the beginners crash into everyone at the bottom of the hill. For non-imbibing fun, you can always ride the gondola to the top of the mountain and walk around as well. There’s a cafeteria up there, and also a cool pagoda/temple-type thing that affords some nice views. On the bottom of the hill, between the two bases, there’s also a sled hill, snowmobile rides (you don’t get to drive), and a small amusement park with some pretty basic mini-golf as well.

The best thing to do once you finish skiing is go to the pool/spa. It’s in the second group of family hotels on the left, near the Mansun base. The hot pool is outside, which is awesome. There’s also a cooler pool (but still warm enough to bear) for swimming. Very nice. It’s about 12,000 a person.

Like any good Korean village, there’s a jjimjil bang attached to the Tom & Toms Coffee at the Mansun base. It’s 15,000 won (12,000 if you use a KB/Shinhan card). You can spend the night there too for a little more. The baths are way small (three small pools (one is a freezing one that nobody goes in) and not enough showers. The heated rooms are pretty nice, though.

In terms of other amenities, there’s a little shopping area with a few (expensive) restaurants, cafe, norrae bang (karaoke), hofs, a small grocery store, and of course, plenty of expensive outfitters where you can buy goggles or hats with Mlickey Mlouse on them or one of Mlickey’s other zany friends.

For Muju’s website, go here.
For a detailed map of the runs (ha! runs), go here.


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  1. Hi,
    We plan to check in Muju Ski Resort on 12 dec 2011, check out on 14 dec 2011. How to book the room and we r two person, husband and wife, what’s the room rate per night please?

    Cindy from Malaysia

  2. Hi,

    We are going to Muju on the 17th of Dec and checking out the next day. My co-teachers helped me sort out everything. I just wanted to find out about the ski shops in terms of variety and quality of boarding gear and of course the price range of the gear? If you know that would be awesome! Just to adjust my budget accordingly! Otherwise I’ll just have to wait and see! Pretty cool blog you got going! Very helpfull!


    • There are lots of ski shops at the resort, but I think they’re a little more expensive than normal. There are, however, more shops in the town of Muju, aways from the resort. I’m assuming you’re going to Muju by bus – you’ll pass some of the shops on your way in. I can’t speak for selection or prices there, unfortunately, but I’d guess those are cheaper than in the resort itself.

  3. Hi, if I stayed in the small town in Muju Resort, is there any shuttle bus to go the Resort and do you know the schedule?

    • If you are on the resort grounds (at one of the “family hotel”s, the Kookmin Hotel, or the big expensive one), then there are some shuttle buses that go all over the resort. If you stay in the small town of Muju (NOT at the resort), the individual hotels or guesthouses usually arrange for a shuttle to take you to the resort pretty early in the morning, and then will pick you up in the afternoon. You can ask the guesthouse that you’re staying at for details.

  4. Hi,
    My GF and I were thinking of having a few days in Muju/Deogyusan or Yongpyong on the way from Seoul to Busan then back to Seoul for our flight home. She is a beginner skiier and I am intermediate but we will just have come from 6 days in Niseko and a few days off in Sapporo and Seoul.

    Could you please suggest which resort would be best for 2N/3D skiing? We’re also trying to find the best way to get to resort and then on to Busan. Could you please recommend any mid range accommodation ? What would you say are the best places to go in Busan in 2 days? What do you think is the best way back to Seoul? Any good suggestions for where to go for my Birthday in Seoul?
    My apologies for the multitude of questions!!



    • Hi Duncan.
      a) Muju is the best ski resort. The Kookmin hotel is pretty affordable, and it’s actually in the resort. There are some shuttles from Seoul to Muju, and all the info is on our Muju page and links to the Muju website.
      b) We have an itinerary on 2 days in Busan with our suggestions.
      c) Best way back to Seoul is to take the KTX (high speed train) from Busan station. Go to for train info and tickets.
      d) The best place to go out in Seoul is probably Hong-dae (Hongik University area). There are tons of cool restaurants, bars and shops there. You can get there by their subway line 2 (green line).
      Have fun!

      • Thanks Dave!

        Do you know if it is possible (or wise) to get the KTX to Muju and then on to Busan and return? Or would you say to get one of the shuttle buses to Muju? If so, what would you recommend for the Muju to Busan leg? Shuttle bus or KTX?



        • There is no KTX to Muju. You’d have to call the shuttle company based in Seoul to set up a seat there, and then the shuttle company based in Busan for the ride back to make sure you have seats. The shuttle companies usually just do Busan-Muju-Busan or Seoul-Muju-Seoul, so to make sure you have a seat, you’ll have to call and reserve. You could do regional buses to and from the town of Muju, but then you’d still have to get to the resort, which isn’t so close.

  5. Hi,

    Just booked 3 days at the Kookmin. Standard 110,00 won/night/room but only Ondol rooms. We’re both happy with that. Quite a good deal I thought considering that includes breakfast, free use of lifts, 50% discount on rentals and other stuff too.
    We were told that we cant book shuttle buses so early so I’ll do that in Seoul when we arrive. Can you recommend any hotels/area in Busan?



    • In Busan, iI’d just find a motel upon arrival. I like the Seomyeon area because of its central location and number of restaurants and bars. The shuttle for Muju also lets off here. Here’s a link to our map with motel locations.

    • hey me and my friends are going to muju this weekend and was wandering if you stay at the kookmin hotel is that 50% off for each person or the one that booked the room?

      • I think you’re referring to the lift ticket discount… I believe everyone gets a discount. Ask the hotel receptionist for some coupons just so there’s no confusion.

  6. I spent 3 days there over this past weekend (14 – 16 Jan) and had an absolute blast! as stated in the description the Tirol is horribly expensive, but had a very nice comfortable room, and great service. the slopes were out of this world, it was a little confusing at first to figure out which lifts go to which set of slopes, but wasnt that difficult to figure it out after a bit. If you like high-speed carving, and sharp fast turns, you’ll absolutely LOVE the Silkroad Highest run (labeled as a green running to the top left of the slope map) Lots of hard switchback cuts towards the bottom half of the run, and probably one of the best runs ive ridden in the 13 years i’ve been on a board! Highly recommended!!

  7. I plan to go skiing in Muju, if I depart from Changwon up in Muju,,, how do I go to the resort and how much it costs to stay overnight,

    • Hey Lee. I’m not sure if you can get a shuttle from Changwon directly to Muju.. you might have to take a bus to the town of Muju. For accommodation, go to and click on “accommodation” at the top. There are 3 hotels – Tirol, Family, and Kookmin. Kookmin is the cheapest, and Tirol is the most expensive. The prices will be on that website. Good luck!

      • if i get off at the city developed what transportation ride to reach the resort,,,
        – If I were staying at the motel let the cost is cheaper, can not ski at the resort?
        -how much rents jackets, boots and skis?

        • Hey Lee, I’m not sure, but there should be some buses that go to the muju resort from the Muju town. I’d take a taxi if I were you. If you stay at the cheaper hotel, you CAN ski at the resort – just buy a lift ticket when you get to the ski hill. And jackets, boots and skis – I don’t know! Check their website

  8. Curious… Have you actually skied Yong pyong?
    I’ve never skied Muju, so I have no accurate grounds for comparison. That’s my point, I’ve never seen any detailed comparison of the two.

    Many people claim High1 is the best, but it is over crowded, the black runs are not as long or challenging as the 4 Rainbow runs at yong pyong and there is far too much K-pop played ( blasting on every run at High 1).

    Yong Pyong is the primary Alpine venew for the 2018 Olympics ( along with yet to be completed Alpensia) and does get a fair amount of natural snow off the East Sea, unlike much of korea. This past weekend ( lunar new year 2012) Yong pyong had snow all day Saturday. Which meant their was ungroomed powder until Sunday night.

    I’ve been oblivious to MUju up until now. I’ve got a ‘non-stop’ pass to Yong Pyong for this season… But I’m looking ahead to next season.

    Does Muju run shuttles to Ilsan?

    • Thanks for the tips about Yongpyong and High1. I haven’t been to either of those! … and I don’t think Muju runs shuttles to Ilsan. Then again, the only shuttles that they list on their website is Seoul – Muju… I had to call for a shuttle from Busan. I’d call the resort and ask, but I wouldn’t count on it.

  9. What gear can yo rent at Muju? I heard that you can rent goggles, gloves, pants and jackets there? All you need to bring is a hat?

    • I’m not sure exactly. I know you can get pants, jackets and helmets there. I’m not sure about goggle rental or glove rental, though.

      • Does any ski resort rent goggles or gloves? I am only going once and do not want to buy a pair to use once.

        • OK just checked for sure. you CAN’T rent goggles and gloves at Muju.

        • from their site: “For your information, there are no rentals for ski gloves and goggles. You have to buy them at a close shop. A ski glove costs about 20,000 won for a fair quality, ski-goggles can be substituted with sunglasses if you are to ski during the daytime, and costs about 30,000 won to 200,000 won (ski goggles). For the rates and other specifics, please refer to our homepage.”

          • If you are Only going once ( or many times). Have someone help you Internet shop before you go ( in Korean).
            Search for ‘Wing’ brand on (.com??). They are a inexpensive domestic brand, good quality but you don’t pay the ‘idiot tax’ for name brands in Korea. You can get new fully functional gOggles for 20,000w or less including a nice bag for them and shipping. They make glOves too. If you plan ahead this is a better way to go than at the resort perhaps.

  10. Hello.

    We are a group of 4 people going to Seoul in Feb. We would like to try the Muju Ski Resort. Because of limited time, is it possible to do just a day trip? Are you able to tell me the detailed instructions on how to go to the resort from Seoul (e.g. Time, Metro/Bus, Fare, etc)?
    Do we need to make a reservation first?

    Sorry I got too many questions. Would appreciated your reply..

    Kind regards,

    • I don’t think you could swing a day trip… it’s pretty far away. I could write out all the prices, pickups, etc. for you, but instead, it’s way easier if you just go to their website: … click ‘english’ and go to “about” and then click on “transportation.” On the left-hand side then, just click on “travel agency bus” and it has info about times and where you can get the bus. I think it’s 20,000 won per person.

    • If it’s not possible to arrange a single day trip to Muju from Seoul. You may want to try Yeoung Pyeoung ( if your whole group is advanced). Or High 1 if your group is of ability levels mixed. There are buses that depart at 4:30 or 5 am from many different parts of seoul. And return at 5p.m. From Yeoung pyeong. Call the resort to make bus reservations.

  11. Hi ,

    Could you guide me on transport from Busan to Muju Ski and the charges there and hotel rate? I will be arriving on 13/Apr 2012 ,.any recomendation of area to stay in Busan with shopping,eat , entertaiment?

    Thanks ya!

    • Hey! In this article I have the number for the ski bus. Just call that number and tell them how many people you want it for. The bus leaves from “Seomyeon”… it’s a good area for you to stay in Busan too – lots of shopping and restaurants. It’s at the meeting point of the orange and green subway lines, so it’s very easy to get to.

      For an area in Seomyeon with lots of cheap motels, go to and zoom in to the “Seomyeon” area.

      The Kookmin hotel in Muju is the cheapest one they have. I have a link to the website in this article. Good luck!

  12. Hi! I want to go to Muju from Busan- I know you have the number up there but do they have a website? Or a name of the bus company (in Korean) I could use? Thanks!

  13. Hi.
    Lucas Here
    I would like to know this are busan area or Seoul??

  14. Hi, I saw the contact no. that you given above. We have to make reservation b4 go to Korea or we can just call them in Korea?

    • Yeah, you can definitely call from Korea for the bus, etc. Maybe make the reservation for the hotel online before you leave, though. It kind of depends on when you are going (weekends are way more crowded).

  15. I’m pending to go for a day trip…Will go Muju from Pusan and back to Pusan on the same day..

  16. hi,
    me and my friends wants to go skiing for 1 day only and my choice is Muju Resort. Is that even possible to do? coz we only have 4 days to explore s.korea. I have not finalized our itinerary yet because I still do not know the approx time of travel and time to enjoy skiing and other stuff in the resort.

    • Sure, you can just go for the day. it’ll be an early shuttle from either Seoul or Busan and then you’d have to leave later that afternoon. So it’s a short day, and you probably won’t have time to do much except for skiing… but with that said, the lodge is right at the base of the mountain. It’ll be much less crowded on weekdays, by the way. If you go during a Korean holiday or the weekend, it’ll be PACKED with lots of lines for the lifts. Good luck!

  17. Looking to book with the Kookmin hotel, how would i go about doing this? can’t seem to find a number or site for them

    • The best way to book in English is to go to their website. They have an English version that is easy to navigate. On all of the hotels pages there is a way to “download a reservation form”. Just fill it out and send it via e-mail to the one provided. They take a few days to respond but they make sure to get an English speaker in touch with you!

  18. Hi , how many days ahead do we need to make the bus reservation from Busan to Muju Ski ? Do we need to make payment when we book the bus or we just pay to the driver? Besides the 5.30AM, is there a later bus say in the afternoon.

    From Muju back to Busan, I notice there is a 4PM bus. Besides this, is there any bus going to Busan?

    I have 6 people in my group and is taking the bus the most economical transport or is there other means of transport.

    For Kookmin Hotel, do we need to make payment when we book the room or do we only pay when we check in? I saw their rack rates from their website stating 160,000 for a 6 person room. If I check in on a weekday, is there a discount? I notice for Tirol hotel, there is like a 50% discount on a weekday.

    How much discount will I get for the ski, rental and lifts if I stay at Kookmin?

  19. Your questions are a bit specific, but here’s what I know:
    -bus to muju: just a couple days ahead is okay. 5:30 is the only bus there.
    -bus from muju: 4pm is the only one
    -bus IS the most economical form of transport. you can also take a slow train to muju, but you need some transfers. then you need to figure out how to get from the TOWN of muju to the muju RESORT.
    -kookmin – just pay when you check in. the kookmin is a sleep-on-the-floor kind of place. i don’t think there’s a discount for kookmin on weekdays.
    -discount for lifts, etc… talk to the kookmin people at the front desk… there might be some discount, but who knows.

  20. Hi, I know this says ski resort but I was wondering if they have snowboard rentals available? Also, I’m a size 9US for boots. I’m moving to Busan in August. Do you think I should pack my own boots or will there be some available to rent? Thanks!

    • First of all: good choice with moving to Busan! You CAN get snowboards at Muju, and as for boot sizes… I don’t remember exactly how it went, but a couple girl friends of mine that I went with were able to rent boots. I don’t know if they just had larger sizes in women’s or if they had to use men’s sizes… either way, I don’t remember it being an issue, so you should be set.

      (but note: you may have a little trouble finding the correct size regular shoes in shops around Busan. You might have to go to Insa-dong in Seoul)

  21. hi! may i know how long is the shuttle bus ride duration from muju to the ski resort?

    • Hey!
      The bust usually takes about 2.5 hours. Enough to snag a good nap in!

    • hey, do you mean a bus from the town of muju to the ski resort itself? in that case, it’s only 10 minutes or so? i don’t know of a shuttle though, unless your hotel is providing you one.

      from WITHIN the resort, the shuttle from the hotels to the ski hill is about 5 minutes.

  22. hello, i am planning to go to korea this october (it’s mean fall season there) can i play ski in muju? (is there snowy in that moment?)
    and which is closer, from seoul or busan to go to muju?

    thank you.

    • Hi Jony,
      I don’t think Muju is open in October. MAYBE if it is very cold and there is a lot of snow, it would be.. but it probably won’t open until November/December or maybe even January.

      Muju is closer to Busan.


  23. Hi, May i know is the ski resort open @ end of Nov13? around 29/11.

    • Hey, I really don’t know. You’ll have to call the resort or check out their website on the links provided in the article.

  24. Hi Mate,

    I am travelling to Korea from Australia this Christmas to visit the wife’s family (yes wife is Korean but she has no idea about Muju) and give the kids a taste of real winter, myself included.
    We want to stay at a ski resort and Muju is what we have decided, just wondering if the resort is kid friendly? none of us ski, kids are young, but we just want to get a feel for it in the mountains. Also I have heard the kookmin Hotel may not be most appropiate for kids any truth with that as we are strongly considering spending the extra money and staying in Tirol Hotel. Any advice would be fantastic.

    Cheers Anthony

    • Hey Anthony,
      Kid friendly: I’ve definitely seen kids there when I’ve been, but I really am not sure what programs they have for kids, nor am I sure if there are lessons or anything like that.

      The Kookmin hotel is pretty much just a “Korean Style” open room with some floor mats. There is a communal kitchen on all floors of the building, but I guess it could have the potential to get noisy, as this is the cheapest hotel. I’ve never had a problem with it, though.

      Tirol hotel: Looks really beautiful from the outside, but I’ve never been inside. I’m sure it’s pretty classy and western-style.

  25. hi , do the bus from busan to muju have any web site can refer , can book via e mail? i going to budan on next year january ..

    • ahh I’m not sure about that. I just know about the phone number to call. I got the phone number from calling the Muju resort general number… maybe they can refer you?

  26. Hi Dave!Jo here,Thanks for all the info,but I would like to ask isn’t possible to get a package for a day Muju ski tour?Because i’m traveling in a group (7 adults and 1 child).How much do they charge?
    And i need a private tour (van) to bring us around Busan too,do you have any contact?
    Thanks in advance!

  27. Hi i in Busan on dec 9, if i want to book on dec 10 to muju by bus tour daily trip so which way to book and how to book is suitable for me??? 2adults and 2children..thanks

    • Please read the post and the above comments – you have to call the bus company and make a reservation at the hotel.

  28. Hi Dave 🙂 do you perhaps have their email? have some questions for them but i can’t seem to find their email anywhere.

    • Hmm they don’t seem to have one listed on their website or the Korea tourism site either. Sorry! They should speak English if you call, though.

  29. Hi!

    Can you still remember roughly how much it cost to travel to and fro from seomyeon to muju and back to seomyeon? Did you contact the person when you are in korea or u contacted before that?

    is there beautiful scenery in muju?


    • I don’t quite remember the price. I’m guessing it was somewhere in the 40,000-80,000 won range. I contacted them from Korea, but you could call them from outside the country too.

      Muju is really nice – it’s in a mountainous area, so if you like that sort of thing, yeah, it’s beautiful!

  30. Hi,
    If I never ski before can I learn in Muju? Currently Im staying in geoje and my sister wanna come and visit me in December and she wants to play with snow. Will it be a good idea to bring her there?

    • You can take a ski lesson at Muju. For information, the website is Click “english” and then click “ski”, and then “ski school”.

      I don’t know about your sister! I guess it depends on how old she is, and if she likes skiing! It might be boring for her if she doesn’t want to do any skiing.

  31. Hi,
    I wanna to join a half day ski lesson in muju.But we are 2 person, can we join? And how much per 1 person?
    Theresa Fung from hong kong

  32. Hi! We are in Korea on march 16-21 2015. Is this ski resort still open on those dates? Let us know asap so we can arrage our itinerary. Hoping for your quick response. Thanks!

  33. Hi.
    Pls help. I with a group of young kid (total 7 person 5a2c) stay at busan on 30 Nov to 6 Dec 2015. We wanted to go ski at Muju. Any suggestions how to go there with the cheapest way or the resort got provide bus from busan to the resort with return trip ? Thkq.

    • I haven’t been to Muju since 2010. There was a bus from Seomyeon to Muju with a return trip, but please check on the resort’s website to be sure.

  34. Hi I’m planning to stay in one of the bnb in muju gun jeollabuk do, how far is it from the ski resort?!
    Or do u think it’s better to just stay in the ski resort?!
    Coz apart from ski , there are other things to explore in muju gun like visiting a hanok village

    • Most bnbs and guesthouses have vans or shuttles that will take you to the resort. It’s a bit far to walk, I’d say. The resort will give you more fast food options and other amenities, but you’ll do fine staying in the little town of Muju.

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