Mar 162011

onigiri and gyudong pukyong kyungsung university signSo you’re wandering around Kyungsung/Pukyung and you want someplace cheap, but don’t feel like eating Kimbap Cheonguk. You think about getting a couple cheeseburgers at McDonalds, but then you think of how you already ate McDonald’s 3 times this week.

While you might not have that exact problem (but lord knows I do), then Onigiri & Gyudong is a cheap and filling option. They serve bowls with beef and rice with egg or curry (Gyudong… kind of like bibimbap), rice balls with vegetables in them (Onigiri… kind of like a more delicious triangle-kimbap), or vegetable soup with thick noodles (Udong). You can get a set for 6000-7000 won that includes soup and a rice bowl, or just the bowl for just over 5000.gyudong - bowl of rice, beef and ginger

Directions: Kyungsung subway exit 5, turn left, go down the street three and a half blocks. Onigiri and Gyudong is on the ground floor on the right. The sign is in hangeul, so look for the orange square (see picture.)

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