Mar 222011

painted chair gallery cafe sign, kyungsung pukyong university area

***CLOSED AS OF 7/2013???***

Right as you walk up the stairs to the Painted Chair, you’ll see that this cafe has more character than most others (if not ALL others). Tiny chairs pepper the stairwell, leading the way up to the Terrace Cafe on the 2nd floor and the Gallery Cafe on the 3rd floor as well. Seeing this (well, and the fact that a whole floor is called the Gallery Cafe), it’s easy to tell that this is a cafe with art at its core.

Wait, before you get all nervous and think “but D3000, doesn’t art = pretentiousness?” then let me tell you, “NO, not here! (and why are you calling me D3000? I kinda like it)” The atmosphere is laid back and relaxed, and the owner is incredibly nice and speaks incredibly good English. Upon arrival, she’ll tell you to feel free to look around.

interior of painted chair gallery cafe kyungsung pukyong university areaThe Terrace Cafe has an open terrace (duh) during the warm months. The seating is comfortable, and one thing that I highly appreciate is that the tables and chairs are still comfortable while still being at the optimal height for working, since that’s what a lot of people (especially me) do at cafes these days. Oh, and of course there’s also wifi. The second floor has (I’d assume) hand-made jewelry for sale, as well as wooden crafts like keychains and boxes. The Gallery Cafe (upstairs) is great too, and features art by foreigners – one of the only places in Busan (maybe THE only one?) that is willing to do this. Very cool.

patio of painted chair gallery cafe in the kyungsung pukyong university areaOf course, like any cafe, they have all the usual coffee drinks, as well as a fairly impressive food menu, featuring cakes, waffles and a brunch set. Definitely check this place out, support local art and support a local business!

(Prices: coffee drinks 4-5k; waffles 8k; honey bread 8k (plus coffee =10k); Cheese cake 4.5k; Take out is 25% off. See more at Hours: open 11am; close 11pm Sun-Thurs; close midnight Fri, Sat)

Directions: Kyungsung Subway exit 3; turn left out the exit, and walk down 3 blocks. Turn right (after the SHOW phone store) and go about halfway down the street. You’ll see signs for The Painted Chair. 2nd and 3rd floors.

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  1. This cafe is no longer here

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