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crowd at rock n roll barIt’s Saturday and he’s in the mood for an epic night. He and his friends start the night with a couple beers at JK Factory, then get a Family Mart beer and walk down the beach. They decide to walk inland to hit up some bars. Everyone’s excited and feeling good. They start out in the Rock N’ Roll House, on the 14th floor of the Sea Star building. He’s been there only once before, but had been drunk, so he doesn’t remember it that well.

It’s already somewhat crowded when they arrive, but they can get a table off to the right of the elevator right by a TV where they’re showing Manchester United vs Bolton. His friend buys a round of Cass (only 3000 each), and they watch the game while another friend tells him the intricacies of the match. During halftime, he walks over to the windows to look out at Haeundae beach out the one side, and the town on the right. For a bar, this must be the best view in Busan, he thinks.

They lose interest in the game part-way through the second half (Man U is winning 2-0), so they start playing pool and drink more. Then they move onto the beer pong tables when those free up. He thinks he notices a girl looking at him when he goes and buys yet another round, but he isn’t sure; he’s had bad luck in the past. As he’s waiting in line, he sees some co-workers of his – a couple and another guy, who are apparently also there with some Korean friends who are workin it on the dance floor. He delivers the beers and starts talking to them, making sure to smile at the girl as he passes. Some time goes by (who knows how much?) and his friends that he came with tell him that they’re leaving. He thinks of the girl and decides to stay with his co-workers for a little longer.

They’re camped out behind the bar, near the dance floor, and the girl and her friends walks by. He’s sure that she’s looking at him as she passes, and his co-worker nudges him and tells him to go for it. He feels like he needs one more drink to loosen up. They buy and drink quickly (too quickly?) and hit the dance floor. He starts dancing with the girl. They’re both having a good time.

The rest of the night is a blur. He remembers her going away at some point, but he also remembers talking to her. He’s sitting back in his apartment now, hung over. What happened? he asks himself. He thinks about the girl, and he thinks about his head that’s pounding. He remembers something, and he reaches for his jeans on the floor. He thinks about the night he had as he looks through his pockets – that bar had a great view, pool table, soccer game, beer pong, dancing, girls – when he finally finds what he thought he might have gotten: the girl’s number. He smiles, but then remembers his headache and decides to go back to sleep.

Rock N’ Roll House: Cass 3k, cocktails 7-8k. 14th floor of the Sea Star building. Pool, beer pong tables, dancing, big TVs, GREAT VIEW.

Directions: Haeundae subway exit 5. Straight out, walk to the main street along the beach and take a right. 14th floor of the Sea Star building. It’s right across from the aquarium if you’re taking a taxi.

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  1. Rock & Roll bar has closed sadly ;( This was as of June 2014

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