Mar 252011

Seomyeon has hundreds (yes, hundreds) of places to shop, especially the Daehyeon Primall (the underground shopping area stretching out from the metro), but these three shops (above ground) are right next to each other, pretty unique, and I think they’re a bit higher quality than others around.

flash back vintage shop seomyeon - good prices! good selection!

Flash Back

First, and I think it’s the pick of the litter, is Flash Back vintage shop. It’s in the basement. The staff is really friendly too and doesn’t bug you. Some of the highlights:
-guys and girls
-all vintage
-cheap! 15-40k for most items
-accessories as well as clothes

Next up (and next door) is Super Market. That’s actually the one you’ll probably see first, as it’s got a huge huge sign and is on the corner. Unfortunately, the people working here will follow you around and re-arrange anything you’ve touched or breathed on.
-girls only
-more of a ‘juniors’ style
-new clothes – more like what you’ll find in the subway
-some accessories (bags)

super market seomyeon - clothes shop, not food! cheap prices

Super Market

Across the lane from the Super Market is NangMan Vintage. This is in a smaller place (think: trailer-size), but the employees are always nice.
-girls only
-all vintage
-some accessories (bags, shoes)


Overall experience: 5/5
Selection: 4/5
Price: $$/5 (surprisingly affordable)

nangman vintage shop - classy experience



Overall experience: 3/5
Selection: 3/5
Price: $$/5

Overall experience: 4/5
Selection: 3/5
Price: $$$/5

Directions: Exit 2 out of the Seomyeon subway. Turn left after the Pix Dix camera shop, and and walk up the street. Veer left at the One Plus 25 convenience store, and go one more block up. SUPER MARKET is on the corner on the right. On the left, you’ll see NANGMAN Vintage. Turn right at Super Market and you’ll see the entrance to FLASH BACK vintage (B1) on the right.

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