Mar 162011

The weather is getting warmer and the glorious summer beach season is quickly approaching.  Songjeong beach is among the most beautiful in Busan.  It’s really close to the city, but feels very far from the crowds that pack Haeundae and Gwangalli beaches.  It’s a great spot for flying kites, plus you can rent surf boards and kayaks right on the beach.

Songjeong is pretty easy to get to on buses, or the subway/bus combo, but if you’re looking to earn your day of laying around on the beach slowly getting hammered on Hite and soju/pineapple sunny-10 combos, you should check out this hike.

Take the green subway to Jangsan station.  Go out exit 1, then turn right and go up the hill.  Veer left and follow the bigger road.  Go straight through the intersection by the school.  Keep following that road through the apartment complexes until you reach the crest of the hill.  There will be an intersection with a nice beach view.  Keep going straight.  A few meters after the intersection there’ll be a set of wooden steps.  Turn left onto those.  You’ll see two tall, smiling wooden figures.  From there it’s maybe a four kilometer walk.  It’s not very strenuous and can easily be done in flip-flops (although some hungover friends that I’ve done this hike with may disagree about it not being strenuous.)  There are many nice beach views and a few exercise parks thrown in for you avid hula hoopers out there.

friends on the hill overlooking songjeong beach

Directions:  Follow the beach hike from Jangsan station exit 1.  If you’re feeling too lazy to hike, it’s about a 10 minute taxi ride.  You can also take 1003 bus or the 100-1 bus to Songjeong.

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  6 Responses to “Hike from Jangsan to Songjeong Beach”

  1. My husband and I did this hike. It was awesome! So glad I came across this blog. Thanks!

  2. hey dave just wondering how long will it takes to hike this trail?

    • Hey Vivian, I’d say about 2 hours on average..? It depends where exactly in Jangsan you start, and how fast you walk. I’d say 2 hours is a good middle ground.

      • Hi is the 2 hours to and from or just 1 way hike?

        • It depends on how fast you are. 2 hours is the maximum (i.e. slowest) 1-way time, but that’s if you’re going very slow. You can always hike there and take a bus back. If you’re fast, you can make it to and from in well under 3. These are just guesses, of course.

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