Mar 162011

Cass and Hite suck. I know what you’re thinking… “What about Max and OB Blue?” Well, I hate to break it to you, but those suck too (rhyme!). Fear not; there are (at least)2 places in Seomyeon where you can go for some Dunkel and Hefeweizen.

judy's nine brau house band1) JUDY’S NINE BRAU: This place takes up the entirety of the (you guessed it) 9th floor of the building. Sit in one of the big cream-colored vinyl booths, or go to the regular room with the regular chairs. On Saturday nights, they have a live band with a girl lead singer.

FUN BONUS: Play “name-that-celeb” with your friends as you try to identify the huge celebrity mugs staring at you from the back walls. If you can tell me who the old guy (to the right of the stage) is, then I’ll buy you some cake.

INSIDER’S TIP: buy a cake at the Paris Baguette on the ground floor of the building and tell the maitre-d’ that it’s your friend’s birthday. You’re in for an sparkler/pseudo-k-pop dance – and it’s also sex-appropriate (girl dancers for the bday boys; guy dancers for the bday girls)… but the guys are actually way better.

directions: Seomyeon exit 2, walk 3 blocks, turn left. In the same building as Paris Baguette (but the entrance is around the corner)

who? brewhouse - 2-floor interior

2) WHO?: On the other side of Jungang-ro from Judy’s, Who? is another alternative to get your Dunkel and Hefeweizen. The decor in here is reminiscent of Hansel and Gretel meets my senile grandpa’s study. Walking up the stairs from the ground floor, you’re met with fake trees, lanterns and random sets where you’ll find old picnic baskets with assorted American canned food (like Chef Boyardee) and odd books (like The Gynecological Guide, 4th Ed.)

directions: Seomyeon exit 1, take a right and walk through to a busy street (the bus street). Turn left and walk down a while; the bar has a street entrance on the left.

View BUSAN! AWESOME! in a larger map

View BUSAN! AWESOME! in a larger map

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  1. Didn’t have any luck with Judy’s, but Who? is still up and running and has some damn fine beer. Here’s a review of their Dunkel:

  2. Who? no longer exists. It has been replaced by another Korean restaurant.

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