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uncle tomato interior - lots of green and orangeWhen someone mentions Italian restaurants in Korea, my mind instantly jumps to images of faded whitewashed wood, lime green and magenta decorations, and waiters who don’t know how to open a bottle of wine.

Uncle Tomato (Tomato Ajashi in Korean) in Seomyeon fits the stereotype on two of those three attributes (the lady who opened our wine was actually quite adroit with a wine key). Its front is all worn whitewashed wood with a little porch in the front, and sure enough, the interior is a light, bright green with orange pillows and upholstery. Don’t get me wrong: it looks good. It just doesn’t strike me as Italian. At first glance, I thought that it seemed a

front of uncle tomato italian restaurant seomyeon

The front. There's always a large 'bling-y' white scooter parked in front. You'll know what I mean when you see it.

little too cutesy to have good food – but I was mistaken.

I was surprised both at some of the selections on the menu as well as the quality of the dishes. There was a very tempting squash pappardelle pasta, which I should have ordered (one of my friends got it, and I went with the lasagna and was slightlydisappointed). The squash pasta was the best dish of the night. The pizzas were also good – I recommend the gorgonzola. They also had the ‘normal’ offers – spaghetti bolognese, spaghetti carbonara and a jalapeno pasta. The prices are fairly standard for Italian restaurants – main dishes are 10-13k.

pizza at uncle tomato italian restaurant in seomyeon

Uncle Tomato is definitely worth a visit.

Directions: Seomyeon metro exit 1. Take your second right, and turn left on the main street. Go down a half a block. Uncle Tomato is on the left, next to The Pancakes. Uncle Tomato has a big white glowing sign. Ground floor.

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