Mar 212011

wolfhound pub, haeundaeDespite having only been in business for a few months, the Busan Wolfhound seems to have quickly become the go-to place for foreigners in Haeundae.  Having visited the Itaewon, Seoul location on a few occasions during a previous stint in Korea, I wasn’t really looking forward to the Busan location.  The one in Itaewon kind of represented everything I wasn’t really liking about the Seoul area.  Obnoxiously drunk military guys, big crowds, just a generally unfriendly, unappealing atmosphere.  It was more Itaewon than the Wolfhound itself.

Fortunately I was pleasantly surprised by the Haeundae location.  It’s a bit more expensive than some of the other foreigner bars in the area, but the food is reliably good. It does get crowded on weekends, but maintains a friendly, warm atmosphere. I’ve tried a few of the their menu items and would recommend both the fish and chips, and the shepherd’s pie.  They have lots of imported beers as well, though most of them are out of my price range.  The 3000 cc cass is 18,000.  Cocktails are 8,500, martinis are 7,500.

There’s always something going on at the Wolfhound, so if you’re looking for some good food, a place to watch some soccer or rugby, or just somewhere to meet some fellow expats and travelers and get drunk, the Wolfhound is the place to go.

Directions:  Haeundae metro station exit five.  Walk straight for about three blocks.  It’ll be on the right, just in a small side street.  Full menus are available on the Wolfhound Busan facebook page.
View BUSAN! AWESOME! in a larger map

View BUSAN! AWESOME! in a larger map

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