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front of the aussie burger restaurant in kyungsung pukyongWhen Aussie Burger opened up a couple months ago, it marked the third burger spot in Kyungsung (I’m excluding places that have burgers, but aren’t necessarily burger joints), which is a lot, if you think about it.

There’s Thomas Grill, Burger Hunter and now Aussie Burger. I know that it’s maybe because it’s fresh in my mind, but Aussie Burger has to be my pick of the three, slightly edging out Thomas Grill. AND LET ME TELL YOU WHY.

the interior of aussie burger at kyungsung pukyong university1) Service. Here, I feel Aussie Burger barely has the edge. The staff at Thomas Grill is pretty friendly too, but the owner of Aussie Burger and the other young lady working there were charismatic and made us feel at home a bit more.

2) Atmosphere. While Thomas Grill IS pretty cool inside, it’s not comfortable. The chairs and bench seating are fine; I don’t mean that. I mean I feel a little uncomfortable sitting around past when I’ve finished my meal. Aussie Burger, on the other hand, feels more laid back. My fiance and I stayed there for a good hour-and-a-half just hanging out, reading and watching Busan I’Park getting routed by Seongnam on TV. There are couches as well, and the layout of the restaurant is a bit more conducive to hanging out.

the burgers at aussie burger in kyungsung pukyong university area3) The food (of course this had to be a factor!) Although TG has more choices for burgers on the menu, you get to “build” your own burger at Aussie, which is pretty cool. The burgers at Aussie in general are a bit juicier and the buns are softer and sweeter (reminds me of Farmer’s Burgers in Nampo). See below for ingredients that you can add.

Fries-wise, both TG and Aussie have potato wedges. Aussie’s regular fries are better with their seasoning. They also have cheese oven wedges, which are good, but Thomas Grill’s messy fries (chili and cheese) actually are a bit better.

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT. Aussie Burger rocks. Try it out and feel free to debate with me!

Menu: Base burger: 5.8; The Lot (burger with everything): 8.7. Add-on ingredients: extra patty 2.5; bacon 1.0; egg .8; cheese .8; pineapple (awesome!) .5; lettuce .2; tomato .5. Add potato wedges for 1.5. Unlimited refill soda for 1.5. Make it a set/meal (soda+wedges) for 2.5. Other stuff: cheese oven wedges 6.0; salad 5.0; meat pie 5.0; triple cheese toast 9.8.

Drinks: Americano 2.9; cappuccino 3.5; juice 3.0; Cass on draft 2.9 (12 oz; 330 ml); Hoegarten on draft 6.5. Bottled beer (Cafri, Miller, Corona, Coopers) ranging from 3-7k.

Directions: Kyungsung metro exit 3. walk straight out and take your first right. Go down 3.5 blocks, and it’ll be on your left, just past Ol’ 55. It’s almost all the way down to Pukyong University’s campus.

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