Apr 252011

the exterior of bong g - gwangalli beachIf you’ve ever been to Hongdae in Seoul, you probably know about Vinyl, where you get mixed drinks in vinyl plastic bags. It’s awesome, and it’s a mystery as to why something like that isn’t around more in Europe or places where it’s legal to drink in the street. Amazing.

Bong G is Gwangalli’s poor man’s answer to Vinyl. They sell “wine punch” in the plastic bags that are definitely delicious. While it’s not liquor, it’s still novel and awesome to sip a wine cooler out of a plastic bag as you’re walking down the boardwalk.

Bong G also has coffee drinks and other beverages like iced tea. Beware though – the menu is in Korean. Just say “wine punch-ee” if you can’t read it.

I would really be singing the praises of Bong G if it were open more! Since it’s gotten a little warmer, I’ve been down at Gwangalli at least twice a week. So let’s say I’ve been there eight times this month. ONLY ONCE has Bong G been open! It was on a Friday night at around 9:30. I was there the following week at the same time (a little earlier, actually) and it was closed. I’ve been there on weekend days and evenings, and it’s closed.

bong g wine cocktails in a bag!

It's a bag of wine.

So check it out, and good luck getting there when it’s open!

Directions: Pretty much in the center of Gwangalli beach, between the old Fuzzy Navel and Wa Bar (near Thursday Party). Look for the orange “Bong G” sign.

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