Apr 252011
bowling at abc bowling lanes, jagalchi station

It's weird... everything inside is in black and white...

Bowling at ABC Bowling Center!

It’s pretty much what you think… It’s Bowling! Good ‘ol American 10-pin (aka REAL) bowling. You get your shoes, get your ball, and you’re good to go.

One thing they DON’T have is alcohol. You’ll have to bring that in yourself from across the street at the Seven Eleven.

Prices are cheap. Three games ran our group of five about 10 per person.

the entrance to abc bowling in jagalchi

The entrance. It's in the middle of some clothing stores. If you've gotten to the electronics/appliance store, you've gone too far.

Heads up: both times that I’ve been to ABC, there’s been an old man who walks around with a bottle of oil, lubricating everything he can, including hand rails. So be careful before putting your hand on things… it might be a little greasy.

Directions: Jagalchi metro station exit 1. You’ll see it on your right in the big building (see pic of entrance). Ride up to the third floor. Caution: Elevator doors close randomly and there’s no ‘door open’ button.

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