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BREEZE BURN’S LOCATIONS: Nampo; Seomyeon; Gwangan-li; Haeundae; Jangsan

the burgers at breeze burns restaurant busanWhenever I go to a Breeze Burn’s with my fiance, she orders a burger and the waitress starts walking away. WAIT! I want a burger too! The waitress usually gives one of those ‘Tim the Tool Man Taylor’-esque “uuuHHHHHH?”‘s. You want two burgers? Then looking around at all the other tables, we notice Korean couples on dates sharing one burger, eating with forks and knives. I once saw three ladies sharing one burger. It’s ridiculous.

Breeze Burn’s is that reliable place that you go to because you know what they have, and it’s usually pretty good. It’s never fantastic, but it’s never bad either. Just… “pretty good.” The food: pretty good. The interior: modern and pretty good. The locations are all slightly different. For my favorites, keep reading below.

Menu-wise, burgers are 6-8k and can be ‘upgraded’ with a large patty for about 1.5k. Add fries for another 1.9k. Burgers on offer: Original, bacon cheese, double rich, classic, garlic chicken. Burgers slightly differ depending on location.

Brunch, depending on the location, ends at different times. At Gwangan-li, it ends at 2pm every day, but at the Nampo location, you can have brunch till 4 on the weekends (2 every other day). Brunch is 9.6k and includes toast, a quarter of a waffle, two eggs, bacon or sausage, potato (baked, wedges or hashbrown), juice and coffee.

They have other sandwiches and hot dogs as well as well (Philly Cheese Steak, BLT, Hot dogs, chili dogs), but I haven’t tried these. Prices range from 5-7. There’s a chicken salad for a “healthy” alternative, and that’ll run you 9.6k.

the brunch at breeze burns restaurant busanTHE SKINNY ON BRUNCH: Don’t expect much. It’s basically fried eggs and sausage or bacon and toast. You get a quarter of a waffle and some garnish too. And a Costco hashbrown. If you’re craving breakfast food (I always am), it’ll do, but don’t go in expecting an English/Irish/American style breakfast.

TRY: The burgers. They’re not gonna blow your mind, but they’re still pretty good.

DON’T TRY: Their shakes. Big disappointment. Do they use crushed ice instead of ice cream?

I WISH THEY WOULDN’T cut the burgers in half. It really kills the structural integrity.  You’re squeezing one end, and stuff shifts around, falls out, and then pretty soon you have burger salad on your plate.

BEST LOCATION: Gwangan-li. There’s a patio outside overlooking the beach. Other locations have indoor “open-air” seating, which is still nice. Nampo gets the 2nd place pick in my book. It’s right on the shopping street, and in the warm months, they open up the whole front and side, making a nice little area.


Nampo location:

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Seomyeon location (I’m sadly not positive about this one. Can someone confirm?):

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Gwangan-li location:

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Haeundae location:

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Jangsan location:

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  3 Responses to “Breeze Burn’s: A chain review”

  1. Good review. You might also add the coffee that comes with the breakfast platter is awful. A real disappointment given the limited amount food on that big plate and the steep price.

  2. breeze burns nampo is closed.

  3. I think Breeze Burns on Gwangalli is gone, either that or I didn’t find it. There are some other good brunch places on the strip though, so take a look around. I ate a place called Bruns Week and had some excellent pancakes with whipped cream fruit and syrup, and there was some other breakfasty things on the menu too.

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