Apr 012011

-Now Closed-

Jangsan is kind of an enigma. I can’t walk from my building to the subway station (about 50 meters) without seeing other foreigners that apparently work and/or live in the area. When I walk around during the day they’re everywhere. When I eat at Starlite or Quiznos or run into a coffeeshop, there they are. Yet somehow, as soon as it gets dark, the foreigners seem to disappear.

I guess it’s not really a mystery. To the rest of Busan, the green subway line might as well just end at Haeundae. I know I’ve never gotten far in convincing my non-Jangsan friends to venture into the barren nether-regions that lay beyond the most famous beach in Korea. So invariably we Jangsanites are pulled into other neighborhoods to socialize without our friends ever returning the favor.

Hello Kimchi is a very good reason for them to make that trip. The food is excellent. I love crunchy shell tacos and they pile on the toppings, although the last few times the chicken taco seemed to be lacking a little bit in chicken. The menu is extensive. Beyond tacos, they have burritos, enchiladas, quesadillas, tostadas, and nachos. They also have fajitas, which I’ve never ordered, but look and smell amazing. Add in some various pizzas and korean dishes and you’ve got a fun eclectic menu. It would be cool to see some fusion stuff, like the galbi tacos that are all the rage in California.

Hello Kimchi has more than just great food. In the later hours it’s a pretty cool bar as well. Drinks are cheap. Friday, they have all-you-can-drink beer for 12,000 won. There’s also an assortment of makgeolli cocktails for something a little different. If you’re into standard cocktails, the bartender can make all of them well. Trust me, I’ve learned this the hard way.

So for once, convince all your KSU friends that the taxi ride really isn’t that bad, remind them that you make it every weekend, and tell them to get there butts up to Jangsan for some great Mexican food and fun times.

Directions:  Jangsan Subway exit 3.  Go straight to the end of the block.  Hello Kimchi is on the second floor above Kimbap Changuk and Pizza Bingo.

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  1. oh man, point taken. Jangsan weekends needed!

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