Apr 042011

sale n pepe italian restaurant in pnu's front signSo there I am in PNU, starving, possibly about to eat my own arm. My friends are getting restless too. We were at a Lotte Giants game, and afterwards went to PNU for some shopping. However, we made the mistake of putting off our meal until now, and the situation has become dire.

One of us knows about a place that he heard about. “I think it’s this way,” he says, completely unsure of himself. Another one of my friends hisses at him. We don’t have time to wander.

“Okay everyone, look up for a restaurant!” someone says. I’m not sure who, and I’m in no state to question. I look up and some obscure sushi place is right in front of me. The pictures feature lumps of rice smothered in mayo. It looks disgusting; I start dry heaving right there.

“Pizza! Pasta!” someone else yells. Again I don’t know who is yelling (maybe my fiance?). I’m blinded by hunger by this point, so I just walk in the general direction of the voice and feel a group of people: my friends, hopefully. We shuffle into the door and go up the stairs to the main seating area of the place and sit down. Bread and butter is put in front of us, and I shove it in my mouth. My eyesight is partially restored. It’s interesting bread: warm and blue (you know, like the corn chips) and delicious.

Now that my senses have come back to me, I look around. We’re in a restaurant called Sale n Pepe, and it’s an Italian restaurant. The interior is industrial-chic, with polished concrete floors and ceilings, painted brick walls and hanging lighting fixtures. It’s comfortable at the same time, though, with padded benches and chairs.

The menu has titles in English, but the descriptions are all in Korean, so some of what you get will be a mystery (surprise: mussels!). They have a good range of pasta dishes that you’ve heard of (classic cream spaghetti) and some you might haven’t (Shanghai style spaghetti?). All the pasta that we ordered was spaghetti, so I question if they have anything else. Pizzas are excellent, especially the gorgonzola (8,000) and the four-cheese (11,000). Pasta dishes range from 9 – 11,000 as well. One thing that I appreciated was the presentation of the food. The pasta is served in a small tin frying pan, handle and all, which was pretty cool.

Location-wise, as I mentioned before, it’s right in the shopping area outside the subway, a block over from the Starbucks. Having been to a few restaurants immediately around the shopping area, I can say that this is probably the best one in terms of quality that you’ll find.

Directions: PNU metro exit 1. Walk straight out 1.5 blocks. You’ll see Sale n Pepe on the second floor on your right.

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