May 182011

Part of the Busan Music Scene

interior of crossroads bar, pnu, busanWhen I showed up at Crossroads, I had just eaten a second dinner, and was no longer feeling all the beers that I had been drinking before. I guess I could have been drunk, but it was that kind of lethargic drunk; not a happy-go-lucky kind. I just wasn’t in the mood that night. And walking into Crossroads, seeing a packed bar full of expats, all with better beards than me wasn’t helping my mood.

After we sat down, I went to the bar to get the first round of drinks for my friends. I was at the bar, and guitar players at crossroads bar, pnu, busana few older expats were there, talking about my second-favorite thing in the world: football (soccer, I mean). I chimed in with my two cents and we chatted for a minute more, and all of a sudden we were all doing shots and I quickly got to that happy stage of drunkenness that I had thought would elude me that night.

Crossroads has been open for over 15 years now, which is pretty impressive for an expat bar. It’s the kind of place where you can quickly meet other like-minded people who will help you out of your lethargy or ennui or loneliness or whatever is ailing you. Go, drink, talk, listen to some good music, and feel better.

front sign of soul trane bar and crossroads bar, pnu, busanBeer is cheap (3k for draft). Crossroads has open mic on Thursdays.

Directions: PNU metro exit 3. Walk straight out until you get to the main road (Starbucks is on the corner on your left). Turn RIGHT on that street and walk down through the busy intersection, past Busan Bank, and take your next LEFT. Crossroads will be on your right, on the second floor, above Soul Trane.

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