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NOTE: The spa is currently being renovated (and hence, is closed), until JUNE 1ST, 2011. This review is based on a visit before – and who knows what will change after the renovation.

Any time a superlative is thrown around (in this case, THE BIGGEST), you just have to see it. While it definitely is the biggest spa that I’ve seen, ist has to be noted that the Biggest Spa in Asia is a self-proclaimed title.

heoshimcheong spa entrance, oncheonjang, busan, korea

Here's the entrance to the spa. It's kind of hard to get to... see our directions below.

The spas (baths) are definitely impressive. There are numerous baths of various water temperatures and treatments, both inside and out. You can get a scrub-down for 15,000, or some other things that I don’t know about for a little more. Like all spas here, the baths are not co-ed.

The jjimjilbang area is a little disappointing, though. They lack large jjimjilbang hot rooms – there are only a few small ones to choose from. The area in general is small, and on top of that, half of it has a glass wall up so the people of the hotel can actually see you inside while you’re hangin in your cool jjimjilbang PJs. It’s a little unsettling.

In short, definitely come for the baths, but don’t expect too much from the jjimjilbang – unless the renovation just rocks.

Cost: 7900 for adults. Open 5:30am – 10pm. Last entry granted at 9pm.

BONUS: Check out the Heosimcheong Brau, their own brewhouse located on the northern end of the building.

Directions: It’s close to the subway, but still a little hard to get to. Metro: Oncheonjang, exit 3. Take the upper walkway across the street to the Home Plus. You want to get directly behind the Home Plus, so walk around the building. On the other side of the building, you’ll see a Coffee Bean coffee shop. Take the street across from the Coffee Bean (Walk towards the “Hi” investment branch on the corner). Follow that street down and take a left on the next main street. You’ll see the huge Heoshimcheong complex right there. The entrance for the spa is all the way down on the other side (you’ll have to walk the length of the building).

You could also just hop a cab and say “Huh-shim-chung sah-woo-na.”

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  1. Nice spa and good towels

  2. Just went to Vesta the other day on June 12th 2012. Great directions! I would add that outside they advertise the place as the Grand Hot Spring, it is not until you go up the esculator that the Heoshimcheong sign. They are open and have a lot different baths. A cave bath, salt bath, open air bath (it is outside), cedar bath, ice bath, lemon bath, half body baths (where the water only comes up to you waist- it is good for circulation). As well they had a steam room and a sauna. The place is very luxurious and the service is great. It costs 2,000 won to go to the hot rooms- I would advise against it because there are only four rooms, Yellow Sand, Clay, Ice, and Charcoal (but the Charcoal is not hot). The rare jewels room is only for members.

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