May 032011

Post by Melissa Tait

I teach a few days a week in Dongdaeshin and well, it’s not exactly excitement plus. There’s a main street with a cool stationary store, a Home Plus and …. even a Pizza Hut. There are actually quite a few cheap and easy lunch options that have familiar menus. There’s a Gim Bap Chan Guk, Pizza Hut, Paris Baguette, Tom Tom’s coffee and …. a few other chains I fail to remember. I normally grab some gimbap or a sandwich before class starts and I’m totally satisfied with my meal
choice for the day.

Cool twist on the standard kimbap restaurant. Dongdaeshin, BusanAlthough, I did have some time to kill the other day and I wandered into Jang Woo Dong. It’s a brightly coloured, modern restaurant with full length windows at the front. The decor is definitely one of the best things about the restaurant, there is a section on one of the walls which houses a full collection of manga-looking action figures and the seats are funky and really comfy.

The menu is all in Korean but I did notice similar dishes to Gim Bap Chan Guk, they had a variety of Gim Bap and Bi Bim Bap. I got the Donkatsu. The meal was a smallish portion but it came arranged so beautifully on the plate I thought it was awesome. The lady next to me recieved her Gim Bap artfully arranged on a red platter as well. I was thinking it would be an ideal place for a teenage girls when half a hagwon class of middle school girls tripped into the restuarant carrying their books and mobile phones. They were well behaved and there’s enough space that I didn’t have to listen to their conversation, just appreciate that this was the sort of place I would have liked to come to when I was a teenager, rather than the Fish and Chip shop on a highway near my school.

Did I mention the beverages? I was excited to see some soda in the middle of the seating area, so there was the possibility of some bubbly drinks with lunch but then I realised that it was SERVE YOURSELF!! I think I had five cups of Pepsi just because I could and I really like soda. It was W500 with my meal.

So, I wouldn’t say that it’s a reason to get over to Dongdaeshin, but if you happen to be there, I think it’s a pretty great place.

Gimpap: W2,400 – 2,900
Bi bim bap: W2,500
Mandang (recommended): W3,500
Donkatsu: W4,500
All you can drink Pepsi: W500

Directions: From Dongdaesin subway station take exit 2 and continue past the Home Plus until you get to Jang Woo Dong. The sign is in English.

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