May 312011

Post by Melissa Tait

Refined and cosy 'Small Bar' in PNU section of BusanI was wandering through PNU, trying to find The Basement. I re-traced my directions twice from the station and still didn’t hit the mark. But I did stumble onto a street with a lot of nice bars and restaurants so I thought I was close. I was in fact only one block away but it’s hard to tell at times like this. Tired, a little cranky and disorientated I was wandering down the street trying to figure out where it went wrong, It was one of those times I jus t needed a quiet cocktail and a sit down. Looming ahead of me was a sign in English: small bar. Small bar is the term for small, cosy, trendy wine bar in Sydney so I decided to check it out.

Small bar is on the second floor. The stairway is heavily decorated in a log cabin motif, which continues into the bar. If it is a log cabin, it’s the type that James Bond would drink in before jumping on a snow mobile to catch an evil mastermind. The cosy interior is dominated by a large bar with a small number of seats and tables in the room. Two professional Korean ladies were drinking martinis at the far end and I knew I had found the quiet place I was looking for.

I ordered an orange cocktail in a fancy glass and from the first sip I knew this was allLog cabin interior of Small Bar, PNU Busan about class. The bar snacks served were much higher in quality than the normal Styrofoam tubes. Surprisingly, the drinks weren’t overly expensive if you stay away from the aged whisky and wine. The cocktails were all W7,000 and the cheapest beer on the menu was W4,000. I was reveling in the mature luxury just as my friend called with the correct directions to the Basement and I knew I’d have to down the cocktail and hurry off.

Small bar is a great place for a quiet evening drink when you’re not really keen to mix with the 18-21 year olds. I will definitely be heading back sometime soon.

Delicious moderately priced cocktail in PNU BusanPrices:
Local beer W4,000
Cocktails W7,000

Directions: From Subway exit 1 continue up the main pedestrian mall/street until you get to the big intersection. Here turn right and cross the main road. Turn left and walk until you get to the smaller road with several bars.  Turn right and continue along the street filled with bars and restaurants. Small bar is about three minutes on this road. Look for the yellow sign on your left hand side.

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