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entrance to songdo haesoopia spa and jjimjilbang, busanI’ve only been to, what, five different jjimjilbangs now? And maybe it’s because I’m starting to like them more and more, but it seems like every new jjimjilbang I go to is better than the ones I visited previously.

My newest favorite, and probably one of the nicest and most unique that I’ve been to is Songdo Haesoopia. Haesoopia is pretty much equidistant from Nampo and Songdo Beach. The building is right on the coast looking out to Busan harbor, so you can be assured of some great views from the jjimjilbang on the 5th floor.

First, the baths. In both the men’s and women’s, there are the typical offerings – standing and sitting showers and all sorts of hot tubs with herbal treatments or salt water. There are nice saunas and nice baths with some intricate tiling on the ceiling.

The jjimjilbang area was impressive. The entire eastern wall is glass and looks out to Busan’s harbor and Yeongdo Island. The jjimjilbang rooms themselves are very unique. In the salt room, you wade through about a foot of salt rocks to get to a spot. In another room, you wade through smooth black stones – so smooth that it actually feels a little like water. I haven’t seen rooms like these anywhere else (and neither have my friends who are more avid jjimjilbang-ers than myself). The ceilings of all the rooms are decorated with different mosaics – and some are pretty impressive.

lobby of haesoopia spa, songdo, busan

Great lookin' lobby.

Some small grievances: There is no moisturizer in neither the men’s nor the women’s changing areas. Also, ladies, there’s only a coin-operated hair dryer. Also, the restaurant in the jjimjilbang (co-ed) area closes at 9.

Haesoopia is definitely a quality and unique jjimjilbang, so check it out, especially if you’re out in Nampo or at Songdo Beach this summer!

Entrance 9,500 won for the jjimjilbang. Extras like food and drinks are put on a ‘beeper’ and you pay when you leave. There is also a large fitness center there as well.

Taxi: Hop a cab and tell them, “Song-do Hae-soo-pee-ah” – if they’re still confused, tell them “s-pa!”
Public Transport: Metro line 1, Nampo-dong station, exit 1; Walk straight out and take the 30 or the 26 to  the “Daelim APT” stop. It should be directly across the street.

Taxi is easiest; again, just tell them, “Song-do Hae-soo-pee-ah.”
Public Transport: Walk up the street with all the motels on it (From the beach, that’s the street on the east side of the beach with a 7-11 on the corner). When you get to the end of the street, turn right, walk for about 20 meters and the bus stop should be right there. Take ANY BUS from there only one stop (to Daelim APT). It’ll be right in front of the spa.

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  1. hello. I plan to go to this Spa. I wonder whether its a 24hour spa?

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