May 302011

The Home Bistro Entrance, Haeundae BeachThe summer beach season is coming and Haeundae beach is once again becoming the popular spot to hang out. This was very evident on Sunday when a mid-afternoon planned trip to Geckos for lunch and beer was derailed due to a lack of outdoor seating and a one-hour wait for food. We considered trying to wait it out, but instead opted to walk further down the beach in search of another place that might be open, offer good food, and have some outdoor seating. We didn’t have to go far.

The Home Bistro is located in the middle section of the Pale de CZ building, right inside from the Yaki Yaki Japanese restaurant. It has really cool interior seating, consisting of a few tables and a long row of booths. The menu is interesting and moderately priced. Actually pretty cheap for being right by the beach (and compared to Geckos) Most dishes are 8,000 – 9,000 won. Pizzas are around 12,000. I had the hot yaki pork cutlet, which was fantastic. Crispy pieces of pork, covered in a sweet spicy sauce, mixed with peppers, tomatos, and carrots along with a side of rice and some salad. My friend had the cajun chicken salad, which was an actual salad. Not just some chicken thrown onto a pile of lettuce. There were oranges involved. Oranges!

Stylish interior of the Home Bistro, Haeundae, BusanBeer is 3,700 which is reasonable. I also liked the plates and cups very much. The servers were very polite and spoke English well. Oh yeah, we also got the crispy french fries, which were waffle fries served with sweet chili pepper sauce and they were really good. So if you get hungry during a day or evening (I think they’re open pretty late) of hanging out on Haeundae beach and want something a little different from the regular options, check out “The Home Bistro.”

Directions:  Walk down Haeundae beach toward Dalmaji Hill.  It’s in the Pale de CZ building, in the middle area closer to the beach side.

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