Jun 172011

Front of Amby's Restaurant, Texas Street, Busan, KoreaFor being a big Asian city of 3.6 million people, Busan’s population is awfully homogenous. Part of the charm of going out on Texas Street is just getting to hang with people of other nationalities, and enjoying an atypical night out where you manage not to hang out in the same ‘ol hofs or expat bars.

Regardless if you want to hang out in Texas Street for a whole night or not, it’s definitely worth it at least to check out Amby’s Restaurant, located just off the main street across from Busan Station.

Amby’s has a laid-back pub atmosphere, with friendly service and an extensive cuisine. The food selection is Russian with some American, Korean and Philippine cuisine.

The liquor on offer at Amby's restaurant, Texas Street, BusanAfter sampling a lot of their food, our opinion of the best things to get are the borscht, the adobo chicken and the cabbage rolls.

Entrees are what you’d expect: 8-13,000. Drink-wise, wine is for sale by the glass, and the regular selection of beer, as well as some foreign liquors.

There’s also a small foreign foods (non-Korean) shop where you can get Quaker Oats, alcohol, and other goodies.

I actually bought a giant thing of Quaker Oats, but then proceeded to get drunk and I left it behind at a club. That was after I ran into a US military guy, who swore I gave him the stink-eye earlier that day on the train from Daegu (“It had to be you! I remember your hipster haircut!”), and who then bought me an ‘apology burger’ for the mistaken identity outside from a stand.

The interior of Amby's Restaurant, Texas Street, BusanYou’ve been warned: Don’t you get drunk and forget your oats, too.

Directions: Metro: Busan Station exit 9 (across the street from the station). Go out and there will be a Tous Les Jours on your left. Facing the Tous Les Jours, it’s down the street that’s on your left a couple doors down. It’ll be on the right side of the street. (It sounds confusing, but it’s not. Just get to the Tous Les Jours and walk left.)

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