Jun 272011

The goods on sale at Ssole, Kyungsung area, BusanWe’ve been trying to save money, so I created this great 400k/week budget for my fiance and I, with 50k reserved for clothes – I mean cause that seems like a lot of money, right?

This week, we failed miserably. Not only did we go out and spend about 200k on Saturday night, but we also checked out Ssole Vintage in Kyungsung, and spent about 100k there (50 for gifts, 50 for personal use). Balls!

I think that says both that a) we suck at sticking to a budget, and b) Ssole is a pretty cool place worth checking out.

Hand-made jewelry at Ssole, Kyungsung, Busan Handmade bags for sale at Ssole vintage, Kyungsung, Busan


The selection at Ssole in general was impressive. There are lots of tops, skirts and dresses for women, as well as jeans and shirts for men too. There are about 3:1 or 4:1 more clothes for women, understandably. The highlight of the experience is the hand-made jewelry and bags for sale. I bought my mom and sister early birthday (and xmas) presents. Bam, four birds with one stone.

Front of Ssole Vintage, Kyungsung, BusanThe worker that’s there most of the time (owner?) is very nice, but very particular about what you can and can’t try on and how you handle some of the merchandise in general. That’s a good thing, though.

There’s also a rewards program, punch-card style where you can get free stuff!

Overall experience: 4/5
Selection: 4/5
Price: $$$/5

Directions: Kyungsung metro exit 5. Walk one block, and turn LEFT before the Outback. Walk down and take your first RIGHT. Walk one more block. You’ll see Ssole on the left, just before the Family Mart. It’s in the basement.

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