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I finally made it out to Spa Land on the first floor of Shinsegae (Centum City) the other day. I had, of course, heard a ton about it, and how it was the best and awesome-est and how they fed you grapes and fanned you as you lounged around the pools. I definitely wasn’t disappointed, although I couldn’t find where they had the grape servants. Still, it was a fantastic jjimjilbang/sauna experience, and I highly recommend it.

From the start, the best part might just be that children under 13 aren’t allowed in. While they might add a certain charm to other jjimjilbangs, at the end of the day, kids just end up splashing you and ruining your relaxation with hello-bombs and stares.

The layout of the place is fantastic. Everything is new and has a nice wood finish, making it by far the nicest spa I’ve ever been to. The saunas are of good quality. I don’t know what else to say about them. There are various temperatures and bubble-massage machines that you can use. Spa Land has 13 jjimjilbang rooms, each with a different theme. They’re also pretty proud of their ‘Wave-dream room’ that supposedly makes you feel like you’re deep under water, as well as their SEV room that supposedly radiates electrons to raise your metabolism. The spa states that they’re the only spa in Korea with those two particular kinds of rooms. Awesome?

There are all sorts of bonuses besides the spas and the jjimjilbangs. There’s a relaxation room with awesome chairs and personal TVs for each chair, an outdoor foot-soaking area (they provide coats for you in the winter), massage chairs (1,000 for 10 mins) and ample fancy deck-style chairs that you can sit on. There’s also a restaurant that serves Korean food. It’s a bit expensive, though; food is 8,000-11,000, and drinks are 3,000 and up.

Honestly, this is the fanciest jjimjilbang I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen a few by now). It’s definitely worth checking out!
A couple notes: it can get a little crowded on the weekends. Also, their towels are really soft. Nice added bonus there. You don’t need any cash here either; all purchases can be ‘beeped’ on your little beeper that opens your locker.

Adults – 12,000
Before 9am – 7,000
After 8pm – 7,000

Adults – 14,000
Before 9am – 9,000
After 8pm – 9,000

If you plan on going a ton, you can get a coupon:
10 times – 108,000
20 times – 204,000
30 times – 288,000

You also get a 20% discount on weekdays and 10% discount on weekends if you use a Shinsegae Samsung or Citi card.

Hours: 06:00 – midnight

Phone: 051-745-2900

Directions: Metro line 2 (Green line) to Centum City, exit 12. Follow signs to Spa Land. It’s on the first floor. There is an entrance straight from the metro street.

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  5 Responses to “Spa Land – Centum City”

  1. Can we stay overnight here? How convenient is that to catch u train to Seoul the next day?

    • From Spa Land you sadly can not spend the night, but you can in Hotel Aqua Palace, which is a Jim Jill Bang in Gwangalli. Its in the large AQUA PALACE building on the main road close to the Gwangalli Station side of the beach.
      To catch the train to Seoul, it depends on the station you are leaving from, from Busan Station its only 1 transfer on the Subway from both locations.

  2. *catch up

  3. We will be going to Busan in a few days time. Do you know if they check for kids ages as my son will be 13 in like two months time.

    • Hi Chris, I think they do check kids’ ages, but I’m not 100% sure. There are other jjimjilbangs that allow children, though… I think Spa Land is the only one that doesn’t. Good luck!

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