Sep 042011
Chingu Set at Shikshin Fondue Samgyeopsal restaurant, Kyungsung

photo: Nikki Ference

I love samgyeopsal, but I’m in no way a connoisseur when it comes to meat. I tend to like everything no matter what. With all the different meat tasting relatively the same and all the different restaurants offering relatively the same experience, it makes finding a “great” or “special” samgyeopsal place a pretty difficult task.

That’s why I jumped at the chance to try out Shik Shin Ga (식신가) in the Kyungsung/Pukyeong area when I heard about it from a Korean co-worker of mine. It was described as, “Samgyeopsal with cheese fondue.” And that’s what it is. Seriously.

It’s not fondue in the Western sense, but it is unique for Korea, and it is most definitely delicious. Order the “couple set” (around 20,000 – plenty of food for two people) or the “chingu set” (around 30,000 – plenty for four), and then choose the type of meat you want (I always just pick the cheaper Shik Shin samgyeopsal, which is first on the list). You’ll get a large skewer with a bunch of vegetables, and a small bowl that you put on the grill filled with some awesome cheese. I don’t know what kind of cheese it is (mozzarella?), but it’s good, and they’ll also refill it for you if you ask.Front of ShikshinGa Fondue Samgyeopsal restaurant, Kyungsung

It’s pretty cool. And by ‘pretty cool’ I mean Really Cool.

Directions: Go out Kyungsung metro exit 5, walk one block and turn LEFT just before the Outback. Go down 2 blocks, and turn RIGHT. Pass the Ssaeng Tong hof and the Cuba Café on your right, and you’ll see Shik Shin Ga on your right.

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  1. As of today, this place is now an Italian joint. =(

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