Oct 192011

Busan Fireworks Festival, Gwangalli Beach, Busan

Everybody loves fireworks.  They’re loud, they’re bright, they’re colorful.  They provide all the excitement of an alien invasion without the pesky casualties and ensuing enslavement.  And what better setting than relaxing on a blanket, looking out at the picturesque Diamond bridge along Gwangalli beach?  Maybe sipping wine, sharing a romantic evening, just you, that special someone, and every last person in Korea.  On Gwangalli beach.  At one time.

The fireworks festival runs from October 21st to October 29th.  Some of the major events include a fashion show from 6:00 – 9:30 on Friday the 21st. A concert featuring Big Bang, SHINee, Kara, Miss-A and other assorted K-pop artists takes place at 7:00 on Friday the 28th.  Various classical music concerts are happening throughout the week, and there’s even a B-boy breakdancing performance on the 27th.  All major events take place on or near Gwangalli beach.

There will be two major fireworks displays during the festival.

Crowd watching fireworks on Gwangalli beach, Busan

-On Saturday, the 22nd, the USA, China, Poland, and Japan will go head to head in an all out battle royale, hoping to prove once and for all who reigns supreme in the dazzling art of ornamental pyrotechnics.  The international fireworks competition consists of four 15 minute displays from 8:00 to 9:30.

-Saturday the 29th, from 8:00 – 9:00, will be the massive and amazing Busan fireworks display.  If you plan on trying to watch them on the beach (which I strongly advise against) arrive early (by 4:00) and leave any notions of personal space at home, as the crowd usually numbers in the millions.

Millions of people gather to watch fireworks on Gwangalli beach, Busan

Schedules and some more information can be found on the BFF website.

Also check out the dynamic Busan website to learn more. 

Directions: Ride the green subway line to Gwangan exit 5 or Geumnyeonsan exit 1.  Walk toward the beach.

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  1. Hi, this will be my first time going to th3 festival and was wondering why do we need tickets because on site its saying we need tickets

    • I just checked the tourism site and you’re right – it says you need tickets this year – probably because it gets so crowded!