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Now that you’ve spent all your KRW’s on presents and booze, you’ll need to cut back from somewhere in your budget. Eating is good, but cheap eating is better. Here are some options for those in the KSU/PKNU area who are monetarily challenged. (Scroll to the bottom of the page for a map.)

Takkoyaki stand 2-5k

Takkoyaki are golfball-sized, gooey octopus balls. Okay, it doesn’t sound that appetizing when I put it that way, but trust me that they’re delicious, and make a great little snack. You’ve probably seen this stand before, as it’s always got a huge queue of patrons waiting to get some of these savory snacks.

Take KSU exit 5, do an about-face and turn right, around the corner. You’ll see the stand set up at the entrance to the parking garage, along with a (sometimes long) queue of people. Jump to map

Isaac Toast 2-4k

Awesome chain of sandwich places down the street a little more towards Pukyeong Nat’l U. The menu is in hangeul, but if you can read hangeul, you can read the menu (i.e. “ham, egg-uh & cheese-uh”). Delicious. Cheap. Yeah.

Located across from Pukyeong Nat’l University’s main gate, towards the metro a bit.  Jump to map

delicious beef, rice, vegetables and ginger on rice in a bowl pukyong university


Onigiri and Gyudong – 1.5 (for rice triangles) – 6k (for beef/rice bowls)

‘Onigiri’ is gourmet rice-triangles with delicious goodies inside – and are WAY better than the triangle kimbap you get at Family Mart. ‘Gyudong’ is a bowl of rice with beef on top. Check out our article on Onigiri and Gyudong for more info. My favorite: The ‘kyeran gyudong’ (egg and beef on rice), or the ‘chamchi/kimchi onigiri’ (spicy tuna/kimchi rice triangle).

KSU metro exit 5, about-face and go around the corner. Walk down about 2 or 3 blocks. It’s on the right-hand side of the street on the first floor.  Jump to map

Kimbap Cheonguk – 2.5-6k

This one is a no-brainer. Check out our article for the top ten things to order at Kimbap Cheonguk.

Located across from PKNU’s main gates, just a little up the street towards the metro station. Jump to map

Grazioso – 5-10k

My new favorite place! 4k-5k for a plate of pasta can’t be beat. The pasta at Grazioso is just as good as other Italian food places in town, at less than 1/2 of the price. Ridiculous. Salads and pizza are on the menu too. Max beer is on draft for 2,500, and they have re-fillable fountain drinks and coffee for under 3,000. They also have hamburger steak for 4k, and a ‘real’ steak for less than 10. It’s pretty much what you’d expect from a 10 dollar steak, but still…

Located in the CGV/UNIQLO building on the 4th floor (subway exit 6, or you can actually take the elevator from underground.) Jump to map

Midarae Japanese fast food – 4-8k

Midarae is a chain that has good Japanese fast food. Think Donkatsu (pork cutlet), Udong (thick noodle soup), and sushi rolls. Easy, delicious.

Take metro exit 5, and walk straight out past the McDonald’s. Take your first left, and then left again at the next street. Midarae will be on your right. Jump to map

Kebab Sandwich Stand 3.5k

The incredibly nice guys who owned the (now closed?) Aile Turkish/Halal restaurant also run the kebab sandwich stand outside of it. Awesome sandwiches (at least I think so), and affordable. And some really nice guys.

Take exit 3 out of the subway, about-face, and turn left to walk around the corner and down the street. Go one block and turn left. The stand is on the right, and Aile is on the 3rd floor. Jump to map

Bon Juk 4-6k

Juk is delicious, savory or sweet Korean porridge, perfect for a cold day. Check out our article on Bon Juk for more info.

Located just across from the Pukyeong Nat’l U main gate. Jump to map

just a taste menu kyungsung university busan

Just a Taste's Menu

Just a Taste 4-5k (NOTE: NOW CLOSED. SAD FACE.)

This is a small, but cheap and delicious place right around the corner from the Long Island Iced Tea bar. They have Asian-Style chicken/shrimp & noodles (Thai-ish, but not really), as well as a checken wrap and some salads. And beer on tap, of course. Cheap, delicious, awesome. Check out our write-up on Just a Taste for more info. (They’ve added some new menu items and raised the price a bit, but still awesome!)

Take exit 1, take your first right. It’s a small store front on the right. Jump to map


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