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*For updates on Salsa class schedules and events, check out Stephanie’s site, BusanSalsafied.com

Below are the four main salsa clubs in Seomyeon. I’ve indicated which days during the week are most likely to be popular at the clubs but during the weekends, the amount of people can vary at each club depending on special events. All social dancing time usually starts around 9pm and ends around 1am at the latest.


Caribe, Busan - SalsaThis is the newest salsa club in Seomyeon and the one that is more like a bar because of the plentiful seating. It is home to the Busan International Salsa Club’s classes so it’s the place most likely to run into other foreigners. This club has a cozy atmosphere and if you need a break from dancing, it’s the best place to chat with other salseros or enjoy the videos of salsa dancers playing on the television screens. This club is probably at the best location because it’s right in the heart of Seomyeon and therefore surrounded by various restaurants if you want to dine out before dancing. Cover is 10,000won on Saturdays and on most Saturdays there is usually a special deal with price of admission. Look for Busan International Salsa Club on Facebook to find out more.

Directions: Get out of exit 7 in Seomyeon and walk straight down for about 6 minutes. It’s across the street from the Cinus movie theatre and above a  chicken restaurant called 오꾸닦.

Latin Fever

Fever is the most comfortable club to go to because of its separate seating area away from the large dance floor, but it’s also the farthest from the subway station. Not to worry though, because it’s easy enough to find and if you go by taxi cab just tell them “Champions Club,” which is a huge Korean club that most cabbies should know. The cover is 10,000won which includes unlimited draft beer. Fever has the most welcoming interior with a nice eating/sitting area that’s separate from the dance floor which salseros will appreciate since they won’t be knocking into any unsuspecting people. There’s even a set of congas if you want to play along to the music! Another plus are lockers to use and even a mini store that sells jewelry and salsa clothes. The bathrooms include a foot-washing station and free toothbrushes to freshen your breath. If you’ve been dancing for a while, you’ll know that a dance partner with stinky breath is not at all pleasant. Fever currently offers free line dance classes at 7pm on Thursdays. Every first Saturday of the month is “Tommy Day,” which is a special social dancing party day.

Directions: Get out of exit 7 in Seomyeon and walk straight down for about 8 minutes, passing Champions Club. Latin Fever is on the corner all the way down (almost close enough to Beomneogol station). It’s on the 2nd floor and you should find a sign that clearly says “Latin Fever” on the outside of the building.


This is the first salsa bar in Seomyeon and the one closest to Seomyeon station. Since it’s the oldest, it has a large community and therefore a variety of dancers that attend social dancing nights. It has a mid-sized dance floor but also plenty of seating along the walls and bar area. A plus to this bar, which you’ll appreciate in the summer are the ample fans whirling above your head and the air-conditioners. In addition to salsa classes, swing classes are also held here on Thursday nights at 8pm. On weeknights, 8,000won cover, and 10,000won cover on weekends. Admission gets you one drink ticket but free draft beer and water cooler is available. There’s also a changing room available.

Directions: Get out of exit 2 in Seomyeon and make a left at the Pix Dix. Latinos is right next to the PixDix (the sign for it is a small black circle that says Latinos in white letters). Across from Latinos you should see a dance/costume shop. Latinos is on the basement level.

The Salsa Bar

This is the club with the biggest dance floor but not as much seating area as Fever. There are however, lockers available to put your belongings. Friday nights are the biggest social dancing nights, usually with a different theme each week and lots of advanced dancers. The entrance fee is 10,000won and includes one drink ticket. As with all the other clubs, beer and liquor is served at regular prices.

Directions: This is the trickiest club to get to and there are two different ways to get to it. I would recommend walking all the way down the Seomyeon underground mall and coming out on the right side so that you’ll see a Dunkin Donuts on your right. Turn the corner at the Dunkin Donuts and walk down till you come to an intersection with a Wa Bar at the top right and a 7 eleven to the right of you. Make a left at the intersection then walk down for about 2 minutes and eventually you’ll see the Salsa Bar on your left which will be on the 2nd floor.

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