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UN Cemetery and Peace Park, Busan, Korea
Located in Nam-gu just south of Daeyeon and Kyungsung metro stations, the UN Cemetery, Busan Museum and Peace Park are all worth a visit. The entire complex is nicely landscaped, and happens to be great for jogging as well (about 1.3 mi/2.1 k once around the park). Have a wine-infused picnic at Peace Park, walk through the cemetery, and wrap up your day at the Busan Museum. Boom. Busan culture-ified.

UN CEMETARYSculptures in front of UN Cemetery and Peace Park, Busan, Korea

The UN Cemetery is a great tribute to the soldiers who lost their lives during the Korean war. You can find soldiers from Canada, France, Australia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, South Korea, South Africa, Turkey, the US and the UK in this somewhat harrowing, but beautiful ground.

There are also statues and sculptures all around outside of the cemetery itself by international artists. Pretty cool.

Just one warning – you’ll  have to wear closed-toed shoes (no sandals) to get in through the gate.

Free admission. 9am-6pm.

Front gate of UN Cemetery and Peace Park, Busan, Korea   Inside the UN Cemetery and Peace Park, Busan, Korea


At the Busan Museum, located on the western end of the park complex, you can see the history of Busan, with exhibitions of the prehistoric period, Silla dynasty, 3 kingdoms and through to the Joseon dynasty. It’s pretty cool, and free admission.

Free admission. 9am-8pm. Ticket office closes at 7. Closed Mondays. If Monday is a public holiday, it will be closed the following day.


It’s a public park: Walking/running track! Fountain! Picnic areas! Public restrooms! Badminton courts! Cool. Open all the time.

FROM DAEYEON STATION (much closer): Exit 3, turn around and go around the corner from the Busan Bank. Walk straight. The park complex will be to the left of the big statue/sculpture/flag thing in the middle of the intersection.

FROM KYUNGSUNG STATION (about a 15-20 min walk): Take exit 5, about-face, and turn right around the corner. Go straight for a long time, (past the elementary school) till you see the park.

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