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Radio Bar, Kyungsung, South Korea*For more info on Radio Bar, check out the comments below! Thanks to Matthew Sidgreaves for the info!

I was led to what I later found out is called “Radio Bar” late on a Saturday night about 10 months ago, and I didn’t quite remember how to get there, or what the name was. Since it was late on a Saturday night, and since we had just come from Long Island Iced Tea (5k won Long Islands… uh oh), you can also imagine my overall mental state. Luckily, a few of us in our group were with-it enough to take some pictures.

It was described to us by our friend who led us there as the “wooden ship bar,” and I guess on the inside, it is indeed kinda like a wooden ship. Porthole windows. Wood. Ale. Just like pirates. Check out the comments section for some more info on the unique architecture.

Basically, it’s a cool bar with a super-laid-back atmosphere, and was foreigner-free. Nice lil unique place. They have lots of vinyl, and will apparently take requests. Foreign beer on tap as well!


Radio Bar, Kyungsung, Busan, South Korea   Radio Bar, Kyungsung, South Korea

From the metro: Kyungsung exit 1. Take your first right, then turn right on the 2nd street. It will be somewhere on your left, set back from the street a little, on the 2nd floor. It’s across from “Twenty 21 One Bar”. **UPDATE: “21 Bar” may be closed, so instead, look across the street from “Camping Rock” that has an inflatable raft hanging outside.
From the main Family Mart: Walk down the street towards Namcheon and it’ll be on your right, across from “Twenty 21 One Bar.” Or you can take the street that runs from the smaller Family Mart above OL’55 again towards Namcheon and you will find a pretty funky back entrance into it.

Thanks to Matthew Sidgreaves and Elise for the info!

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  1. It’s called the Radio bar. It’s located in a complex called 골목 (Gol Mok – Alleyway) that was built by a group of local architects who were trying to add some character to the town, in my opinion they succeeded. There is also a wine bar a soju bar a pretty cool No Rae Bang, an art gallery and upstairs there is apparently a hostel as well for sleeping.

    For some reason I can’t find it on Naver Street Maps, I think their picture must be extremely out of date, but it’s exactly here! http://me2.do/5YefE3B

    Your directions look pretty good. Take the street that runs from the main Family Mart towards Namcheon and it’s on your right, a couple of doors further down and across the street from the Thursday Party copycat Twenty One Bar. There is a small Japanese whale meat place on the corner and the whole complex is set a little back from the road. Head up the stairs to this bar in question, but also take time to walk around and explore the place. Or you can take the street that runs from the smaller Family Mart above OL’55 again towards Namcheon and you will find a pretty funky back entrance into it.

    Incidentally they have a massive Vinyl and CD collection and will play requests. Some decent import beers on tap as well.

    Here are some more pictures I found son someone’s blog. http://serbetty.tistory.com/333

    • Excellent, thanks Matthew! Man, your knowledge blows me away. I’ll definitely update the article with this stuff soon.

  2. I just visited this bar with friends (May 2012) and the directions need a bit of updating. We had no luck finding any kind of “Twenty One” bar, but eventually found Radio bar on pure luck. It’s across the street from “Camping Rock”, a bar with an inflatable raft hanging from the outside wall. That should help!

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