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Word on the street is these guys are closed. Bummer too, because this place rocks. Try to find their other locations if they’re still around!


Finding a fried chicken restaurant in Busan, or anywhere in Korea, is not  exactly the world’s most difficult task. Fried chicken joints are about as abundant in Korea as McDonald’s or Starbucks are in North America – and Korea too, admittedly (oh, globalization).

But a restaurant that serves beer can chicken? Now that’s something worth talking about.

Barbecue Camp, located in Seomyeon, is one such restaurant serving up some of Busan’s most unique chicken. With its summer camp decor of wooden slats, Kodak photos, and chalkboards featuring pictures of farm animals and barbecued meats, Barbecue Camp has a laid-back atmosphere to complement its delicious food.

Barbecue Camp serves a variety of different barbecued meats and seafood, but the main draw is, of course, the beer can chicken. When we ordered it, the chicken arrived at our table still perched jauntily atop its can. After a pause for appreciation (and photographs), the waiter then proceeded to remove the bird from its tin throne and carve it up for our dinner.

Served on a bed of sizzling onions, garlic, and kimchi with a variety of sauces on the side, it costs 17,000 won and feeds three to four people. You can also order tortillas to make delicious chicken wraps. Sadly, although it’s called “beer can chicken,” it is not always made with an actual beer can: sometimes a cola or cider can stands in as substitute. That said, whether beer can or pop can, the chicken is always tender and juicy.

You can find fried chicken anywhere, but if you’re looking for something different do yourself a favour and go to camp – Barbecue Camp.



From Seomyeon station, take exit 2 and walk down the street until you reach “Education Street” – in Korean, the sign says “늘품 (학원) 거리.” Education Street marks the end of the long line of shops and cafes in Seomyeon (it’s just past the Art Box). Barbecue Camp is on the left side of Education Street, a block after Loving Hut. Since it’s the restaurant with the poster of a giant beer can chicken giving a thumbs-up with his chicken wing, I think it’s safe to say you can’t miss it. If you pass Kimbap Cheonguk, you’ve gone too far. 

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  1. Is this Barbeque Camp not operating anymore? or change location?

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