May 242012

Billie Jean Club Bar and Grill, Haeundae, BusanI don’t know if it’s because I like the song or what, but Billie Jean’s is probably my favorite bar (especially now that Bubble in Seomyeon has closed). It’s big enough to have a full stage, a four-sided bar, a pool table, and an area for seating, all while still retaining a cosy atmosphere.

The food is good as well. I’ve only eaten here once, though. We heard whispers of there being a delicious burger, but when we tried to order it, we were told that they don’t serve it any longer… so I don’t know if that meant just that night, or EVER. Who knows. We all got steaks instead, which were surprisingly good for 15k bar steak. There are the typical Korean beers on tap for 3k a pint (woo, MAX!), as well as cocktails and the like.

Definitely check it out. There’s an outdoor area too for those who like to do strange things like eat or drink outside.

Billie Jean Club Bar and Grill, Haeundae, Busan  Billie Jean Club Bar and Grill, Haeundae, Busan

Directions: The easiest (least complicated) way to get there is to take Haeundae metro exit 3, and walk straight down to the beach. Turn left on the boardwalk (brick-walk?) and go down past the Paradise Hotel. You’re going to turn left and go in between the Paradise and the Pale De CZ hotels. When you get to the street, take the right branch/fork, and then turn right at the next road. Billie Jean’s is on your right. (you can also probably see it from the back if you walk through the middle of the Pale De CZ building and cut through the parking lot in the back of Billie Jean’s.) 

The more complicated but quicker way is to go out of metro exit 1 and snake your way down… but it’s too hard to explain right now. Sorry.

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