Jun 282012


Cho Bbei, Nampo

‘Alcoholics’ is an artsy Sojo-Makkoli bar. My friends and I stumbled upon this one night when we were shopping for a good place to drink. After going through many a bars that looked all the same, when we walked into this one, we were pleasantly surprised by the ambience. True, people can smoke inside, so if smoke bothers you, this is not the place for you. The servers were very friendly, the music was not too loud, the place was not too packed, and the price was nice on our wallets! As well there are not sectioned off booths for the tables, so people are able to mingle easily.

Soju- 3,000 won
Mageolli – 3,000 won
Pajeon – 5,000 won
Seafood stew- 5,000 won

Cho Bbei Makgeolli Bar, Nampo, Busan, South Korea                            Cho Bbei Makgeolli Bar, Nampo, Busan, South Korea


1. Get off at Nampo Station
2. Walk towards Jagalci station
3. Get out at Exit 9
4. After you walk up the stairs take a left (stead of just walking straight in the same direction of the stairs


5. Take a Right at the first street- It will look like this


6. Take a Right at the first Intersection- before you take a right, you will see this building in front of you


7. Walk down for 5-10 minutes- the place will be on your left in the basement
When you are at this point- you are ten steps away from the entrance! Marking point would be the pink Hello! Sign.


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