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Posh Nosh, Seomyeon, Busan

The Posh Nosh look is warehouse chic. Exposed concrete walls are covered with colorful, eclectic art. The large, open space houses paint-splattered wooden tables and chairs. Wire baskets filled with lightbulbs make for intriguing chandeliers. The charm of Posh Nosh is enhanced by a lovely stone-stepping pond in the back and old black and white movies projected on a wall at the front. The overall effect is haphazardly elegant.

And then there’s the food.

Posh Nosh, Seomyeon, BusanIn Busan, Western style food options are limited. Mediocre burger and fry joints abound near the beach, kitchsy boutique Italian is everywhere else. Fortunately for Busanites, Posh Nosh offers these same foods and elevates them to another level.

The menu offers a well-made array of Italian pastas and stone-oven baked pizzas, decently priced and complimented by an extensive wine and cocktail list ($9 mojitos are lime and mint-filled wonders, and if alcohol isn’t your thing, the coffee and tea list is just as gourmet as the rest of the menu).

But its whimsical take on traditional Western dishes is what actually makes the nosh posh.

For $16, indulge in JK’s Snowburger and fries. Bunless, the thick beef patty sits atop a slight oven-baked cracker and a layer of mashed potatoes. It’s topped with provolone cheese and a surprising dollop of sweet whipped cream.

The grilled chicken and veggies are simplistic but sound. Roasted peppers and zucchini are perfectly seasoned, and stacked on a buttery piece of Texas toast. The plate is a steal for $13, and includes a small salad and hearty potato wedges.

Posh Nosh, Seomyeon, Busan    Posh Nosh, Seomyeon

Posh Nosh is all seamless effort. While many restaurants get either the look or the food right, Posh accomplishes both easily. The ambiance and the food don’t overwhelm each other, but instead create a standout and unexpected dining experience in Busan. Stylish but not overdone, Posh Nosh more than lives up to its name.

Directions: From Seomyeon station take exit 2 and go straight until you reach “Education Street” just past the Art Box. Turn left and walk past the Loving Hut and Barbecue Camp. Posh Nosh is on the same side of the street as Metal City, just a block further from it. Reservations are recommended on weekend nights. 051-804-1211

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  1. “The grilled chicken and veggies are simplistic but sound.” Did you mean simplistic, or simple? They’re not synonyms. That’s a pretty amateurish mistake, and it doesn’t make your writing very impressive. Hope you’re not an English teacher. It’s stuff like this that makes Busan Haps seem like a high school newspaper.

    • Thanks for the great feedback, Claire! I’ll be sure to notify the author’s school.

      Oh, and this isn’t Busan Haps! It’s stuff like this that makes you seem like a high schooler.

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