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During the day, Lzone Language Cafe might seem an unassuming, fourth-floor coffee vendor with an uncommonly high concentration of foreigners.  If you were to hang out long enough, you’d realize that you weren’t just in a cafe, but a language school as well, albeit a very chill one, run on volunteer labor.  About the same time you might be approached by a Korean who would likely engage you in English conversation.  This would be all according to plan.  So if you want somewhere to hang out and maybe pick up a little bit of Korean or whatever other language the volunteers may speak, Lzone wouldn’t be a bad place to do it.

If you’re hanging out in Kyungsung on a Friday or Saturday evening looking for a party you might want to check out Lzone.  Starting at 8:30 you can head up for a sort of international mixer where Koreans and Foreigners alike come together for good times and a lot of booze.  For those interested in getting seriously down, unlimited beer and mixed drinks only costs 10,000KRW.  For only 5,000, you can get all of your favorite standard mixed drinks minus the booze (soft drinks, they’re called).  After you’ve grabbed your drink, you can play pool, darts and fooseball or just hang out with people from all corners of the world.  The party ends at 12:30 so there’ll be plenty of time afterwards to go dancing with your new Korean/Mexican/Italian/Chinese (etc.) friends.

From exit 3 of the Kyungdae subway stop (green line) go to the large intersection and turn left.  Go down two blocks and then make another left.  About halfway down the street, on the right you’ll find Lzone up on the 4th floor.

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  1. Does it still exist in 2015? Their Facebook page doesn’t seem so active.

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