Mar 112013

Note: The Fresh Fries Factory has been REBORN in to Savoy!


The previously known and loved ‘Fresh Fries Factory’ has been reborn as ‘Savoy’ and is bigger and better
than ever.

The best fish and chips in Seomyeon is back after a short hiatus, with a couple of additions to the menu,
the quality is the same as ever. The small shop is open as normal, opening hours are usually from around
4 in the evening until the punters clear out.

P1080175Savoy have excelled themselves with the new English pub-style shop front on the new, larger premises,
just around the corner from the old one. The red wooden façade stands out among the coffee shops
that litter the same street, and the inside pleases even more than the outside. Brown leather seats and
dark wooden table tops, soft American oldies tunes and a wall of vinyl and cd collections provide an
atmosphere unique to any other restaurant. As if things couldn’t get any better, they have Guinness,
Indica IPA and Max draft on the menu. Win win win.



Directions: To the big, new shop: Seomyeon subway station exit 2, walk straight  until you reach Tom and Tom’s Coffee shop, turn left, when you are in from of Ella’s café take the left fork, the shop is on the right hand side about 20metres down this street. The red store front is obvious. The small, original location is just around the next right corner.



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  1. Are they closed?

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