Aug 262013

By Daniel Benner


This decent little gym was pretty close to where I was living in Gaegeum.  While not having a whole lot of amenities, it suffices well enough if you live in the neighborhood and don’t want to do a distant trek for some place further afield.


The place has a few machines, all the necessary free weights, about a dozen treadmills, a few stair masters, and also those silly, what I thought were 1950s era belt machines that are suppose to shake out all your belly fat.  Not being too crowded and having a jimjilbang attached is another much appreciated bonus.


The place is rather steep, in my opinion, for a monthly membership at 60,000\ a month, but since you can go for a day for only 5,000\ (not including the jimjilbang), I just opt for the daily rate and use it when it’s convenient (I do plenty of other sports and group exercises so I don’t go more than once or twice a week).


Directions: From Dong-eui University Station off of the green line 2, go out of exit 7, walk straight until you reach the three way intersection with a stop light, then turn left up the hill (the road is called Gayagongwon-ro).  Walk up until you pass the entrance to a massive apartment complex, and then take the next left down a small, one-way alley.  You’ll see the 사우나 signs about 50 meters down the road on your right.

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  1. Is this gym open on sunday? I’m looking for a Sunday gym while mine is always closed on that day

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