Aug 262013

By Emma O’Flynn

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The Gudok Stadium is within short walking distance from the subway, and offers a pretty decent selection of sporting facilities.  The sports complex has a swimming pool with public swims available throughout the day (swim hat and goggles compulsory attire!).  It is also host to a gym.  The stadium itself, offers free access to the running track, available whenever there are no sporting events on.  It also has an indoor basketball court, and a baseball diamond, though access to these is more controlled.

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The stadium hosts local football (soccer) games for the Busan Transportation Corporation Football Club.  They usually occur on Friday evenings or Saturday afternoons, and are free to attend.  Information regarding game schedules is listed on the Facebook group page: .  You can bring any drinks or snacks you like into the stadium.  There are no marts in the stadium, but plenty available on the walk up, so stock up there.


T2013-08-15 12.14.09o get to the stadium, take line 1 to Dongdaesin (stop 108), and exit via 1 or 2.  From each of these you walk straight ahead for 3-4min, until you reach the top of the hill, the stadium is directly in front across the road, you cannot miss it!  The sports complex/swimming pool is easy to access by bearing right around the edge of the stadium.  You will see a blue arched roof, aim for that.

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