Busan’s Beaches

Haeundae Beach Umbrellas

Haeundae Beach

Busan’s five beaches (or 6 or 7, depending on how far your definition of ‘Busan’ goes) are just one of the tings that makes Busan (high five) awesome.

HAEUNDAE BEACH is of course the most famous, and the most popular. During ‘summer break’ – the two weeks in the middle of the summer that everyone in Korea seems to have off – the place will be packed with tourists from all over Korea, which makes it equal parts annoying and fun. During these two weeks especially, the beach is crowded till sunrise. Of course, during the warm season, it’s more crowded than in off-seasons.

Busan’s ‘other’ beach is GWANGALLI BEACH, famed for its views of the Diamond Bridge. It’s distinctive for being Busan’s City Beach, with everything right off the main drag. So you can easily have dinner, drink, and stumble onto the beach to shoot some fireworks.

Beautiful Diamond Bridge, Gwangalli Beach, Busan

The Diamond Bridge from Gwangalli Beach

Of course, there’s also SONGJEONG BEACH, which is probably the best beach to go to if you’re looking for a beach day. More secluded than others, yet still close enough, it’s your best bet for a nice quiet beach day. Also, on the southwest end of the beach, walk down a couple hundred yards, and you’ll get to some good seafood restaurants.

SONGDO BEACH is just south of Nampo-dong, and is a good break from Nampo shopping. They have some great rocks on the northeast end of the beach where you can climb around and get some nice views of the beach and of the surrounding hills.

DADAEPO BEACH is even farther away, but where it lacks in proximity to the city, it makes up for it in secluded rawness. Does that make sense? Yeah. Check it out!


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